We Put Leroy In a WIND TUNNEL! The Results Were HILARIOUS!

  • Published on:  7/8/2018
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  • gamer taboo
    gamer taboo 4 hours ago

    You still got 7s! haha. I wonder how you figure that all out with the added weight of the body panels as well as having lift instead of downforce. I wonder if the panels are better or not, I don't know how to figure it out.

  • Jason Sanderford
    Jason Sanderford 13 hours ago

    Morrisville Nc! 20 mins from my hometown!

  • Adam Sonntag
    Adam Sonntag 2 days ago

    I just learned how wind tunnels work🤔

  • mcyclonegt
    mcyclonegt 2 days ago

    Your videos would be so much better if you wouldn't talk so much

  • Jacob Aubertin
    Jacob Aubertin 2 days ago

    Amazing to think Cleetus' FACE is more aerodynamic than Leroy! :D

  • PhatKid68
    PhatKid68 3 days ago

    you should have a college with an aerospace engineering program work you up some panels and THEN see how fast it goes....

  • screw ball
    screw ball 3 days ago

    Great video Cleetus this was very educational plus no dog hair on the way home, did you get any idea how fast Leroy would go with a body,

  • Tim Turner
    Tim Turner 6 days ago

    Two points (one boring) Having lived in NC since 1971 and you being in FL - This is why you don't go outside during a hurricane! The other though; it would be interesting if you could do this again with something spooling up the turbos (an RC engine maybe? {loved the bit with the RC flyer in there too BTW}). It'd be interesting to see if the suction from the turbskis had any effect on the airflow; I'm sure it must have at least some but a meaningful and measurable amount and how/where?
    Maybe the great bearded one would have insight on this :D

  • Christian Norris
    Christian Norris 6 days ago

    Why don’t y’all put body panels on Leroy

  • JoKeR
    JoKeR 6 days ago

    That was great! I thought my C5 had better drag...DO'H. I learned a lot of info just from the parts you posted. $8 per min...That's nuts is that only the tunnel time or total time?

  • chapel976
    chapel976 7 days ago

    sounds like Leroy might need some body panels...

  • tardknuckle
    tardknuckle 7 days ago

    85 that’s almost a daily in Wyoming

  • Loren Trujillo
    Loren Trujillo 8 days ago

    Holley is aero AF.

  • S
    S 8 days ago

    For anyone wondering just how important aerodynamics is for top speed, consider this fact...
    To double your top speed without changing the aerodynamics, you must *quadruple* your power!

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan 9 days ago

    That's how you do a good, interesting video, because I didn't even notice it was 40 minutes until it ended.

  • Kevin Burnham
    Kevin Burnham 9 days ago

    Have you looked into Nelson racing engines?

  • Ethan Galey
    Ethan Galey 9 days ago

    I was thinking body panel right behind the cab

  • fin screenname
    fin screenname 10 days ago

    Boat racers have know this for decades. Resistance is resistance. You can make a brick go fast but once you run out of upgrades to the power plant its how easy you get through the resistance.

  • Joseph Gibbons
    Joseph Gibbons 10 days ago

    It is it's own parachute

  • doug sodoma
    doug sodoma 11 days ago

    U should do a nose wing and sum half fendersin the rear kinda do the whole indy car thang (helllll yeah brutherrrr) love the channel