SCAAAAARY CHRISTMAS!! - Call of Duty Zombies Funny Moments! (BO3 Custom Zombies)



  • Natali Hernandez
    Natali Hernandez 1 months ago


  • Super Dude
    Super Dude 3 months ago

    The thumbnail looks so dope (except Evan)

  • Camthegamer 04
    Camthegamer 04 3 months ago

    Snuckle hoe

  • King Doge
    King Doge 5 months ago

    Happy 69th episode don’t forget hahaha 69 because I am dirty minded

  • Icey Miner
    Icey Miner 5 months ago

    I dont get the joke at 0:58

  • Gavin Deckert
    Gavin Deckert 5 months ago

    I look up to you and vanoss,moo,h20delerious,basicallyidowrork,terrisor, nogla,lui and u bring a lot of joy to me I always watch u guys when i have my bad days. wildcat u are one of the second best zombie player by yourself. keep up the good work and I come from a poor family. and u really help me out thank u guys for making me a better person

  • Spec ture
    Spec ture 6 months ago

    Poor evan.

  • Christian Dopp
    Christian Dopp 6 months ago

    Brian, are you using the McDonald’s WiFi?!

  • King Doge
    King Doge 7 months ago

    Happy 69 video wildcat

  • Harrison Northcott
    Harrison Northcott 7 months ago

    yeet canada

    RΛZΞR SHΛRP 7 months ago

    7:49 jacksepticeye confirmed?!?

  • Anders Cierniak
    Anders Cierniak 8 months ago

    4:14 ayy lmao 69

  • Willem Citroen
    Willem Citroen 8 months ago

    Alcohol treasure jacket bywlg base member ad mystery laugh process taxpayer balance shelf eager.

  • PugPowz
    PugPowz 8 months ago

    9:59 that moment when you get killed because a canadian froze you

  • Poolpoolize
    Poolpoolize 9 months ago

    No one commented on Brocks "Slay Ride" pun :(

  • Xx_KiddieStrangler_xX
    Xx_KiddieStrangler_xX 9 months ago

    On the 9th day of the 'pocolypse, some people threw at me:
    9 fire axes
    8 ammo pouches
    7 flashbangs
    6 M4's
    4 hand grenades
    3 AK's
    2 Shotgun shells
    And a double barrel shotgun for freeee!

  • Venotron The Warrior
    Venotron The Warrior 9 months ago


  • jordan groves
    jordan groves 9 months ago

    i enjoy ur videos and i want u to keep making zombie videos and i enjoy playing zombies to

  • Tate
    Tate 9 months ago

    When you the notification now xD?

    FOXTROT OSCAR X-RAY 9 months ago

    Haha gay lol