This Cat Getting Attention By Opening Doors In Creative Way

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Credit: Chantel BarryHT:аrlie wаs аdоpted intо his fаmily when he wаs just а kitten. Whenever а member оf his fаmily is in а different rооm with the dооr clоsed, Chаrlie gets а bit upset аnd becоmes determined tо sоmehоw get inside the rооm. ---------------------------------------------------------------Contact us:


  • Mugen 9 months ago

    Doesn't everybody do a ninja roll when opening doors? This is perfectly normal, I assure you.

  • Minecraft Creeper 9 months ago

    Don’t You Mean A Purrfect Way

  • delta sparkle six 9 months ago

    @hazim hamid do meows 100× a day and you'll master the way of the catto

  • Gu Cho 9 months ago

    He's like "I'm here, no need to worry anymore, I have come to save you." haha

  • Jonathan Turbide 9 months ago

    @Redbones Honeypot His owner should put a little Superman cape around Charlie's neck. 😊

  • Sergio TL 9 months ago


  • David LeBlanc 9 months ago

    And people say cats are incapable of love B.S. you treat them right they will love you to death

  • j p 8 months ago

    Gu Cho you’re still an asshole :D

  • Gu Cho 9 months ago

    @j pAre you able to read? Or not? If not, I can point you to some online resources. The first part was my "debate" as you say, not that I see you as that important enough to actually "debate" philosophically/scientifically.. It's youtube and I don't feel like writing that much AND you seem like one of those entitled know-it-alls. And the "attack on your appearance" was just me having a little fun haha. I can't help it, all that talk about humans being so dam superior and I...

  • Daniea3 9 months ago

    Kitties view closed doors as a personal affront.

  • whalesong999 9 months ago

    It really is a special relationship cats have with doors. Every day has those special moments when my kitties pause at doors, both opened and closed, to study just what they want to do next or simply seek to understand why are there doors and who's really in charge of them. Years ago, I coined the term "door darts" for them when we lived in a crowded m.h. park.

  • Mike Morbuk 9 months ago

    Really? You're not joking, right? I used to close doors, on my gf's cat. Now, she has disappeared. Can I possibly be, the reason why?

  • Kathryn Johnson 9 months ago

    What an adorable little fur baby!!! Very intelligent!!!!

  • Wanda Burgess 9 months ago

    Honestly, the picture of Charlie sitting up straight and looking into the camera, is the look of, I'm *BOSS* and I *RUN THIS HOUSE* sooooo cute!! Such a pretty *BOY*

  • A.S.L. M. 9 months ago

    He does look like a bada$$

  • John Collins 9 months ago

    I'm the King of the Castle. Those humans just live here! Lol =^.^=

  • Dilapidated Castillo 9 months ago

    My male cat does this all the time. Only he violently somersaults into the door, making loud banging noises. He has scared the crap out of me many occasion. My female cat doesn't open the door but she puts her paw under the door and violently jiggles the door when its latched and will continue to do so any time of the day or night until her human servants finally open the door. Crazy felines. Mentioning crazy felines, my male will also bounce straight up several feet into the air like Tigger and the...

  • Stephanie Hylton 9 months ago

    I call the walk bounce skateboarding tricks.🤣🤣🤣

  • Garry H 9 months ago

    So so true..

  • Leon Brudoch 9 months ago

    Cat would make a better agent on Mission Impossible than Tom Cruise.

  • Wars Mamy 9 months ago

    Woow.. Het got his own style of opening the door awesome.. 😉😉😉

  • Minecraft Creeper 9 months ago

    This Cat Is Like James Bond Someone Play The Intro Music Pronto !!!!!!