Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)



  • hobi hopeworld
    hobi hopeworld 14 minutes ago

    Omg the burger taco from will it taco I'm crying 😭

  • Garret Gallant
    Garret Gallant 24 minutes ago

    Why didn't Link Sink the Mac' N Cheeto of which he Susbequently Dinked? 5:05

  • AriaPirouette 1.0
    AriaPirouette 1.0 32 minutes ago

    I swear I saw the mac n' Cheetos in commercial somewhere...You sure they're gone?

  • Doops Soup
    Doops Soup 36 minutes ago

    i loved mac and Cheetos especially the flaming hot ones

  • Doops Soup
    Doops Soup 38 minutes ago

    please dont *SLURP* your *BURGER* *LIKE* *THAT*

  • Claudia Jane
    Claudia Jane an hour ago

    Didn’t they already bring back the Mac and cheetos?

  • Don't Censor
    Don't Censor 3 hours ago

    The cheetos one would be better if it was just cheese covered in the Cheetos stuff.

  • Mueseek
    Mueseek 3 hours ago

    Impressive packaging, great job whoever did that!

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington 6 hours ago+1

    Josh uses frame data? I bet he mains blanka...
    Dont shake blanka players handa

  • WayfindersDestiny
    WayfindersDestiny 6 hours ago

    Rhett, I'm Australian and I have no idea what you're talking about.

    AVATAR 7 hours ago

    Burger King has some shady buisiness in south america

  • MildGonolini
    MildGonolini 10 hours ago

    Number 15.

  • Brunos HD
    Brunos HD 10 hours ago

    should’ve done the Red Velvet oreo milkshake was the best thing burger king has ever put out !

  • Nathan Zhang
    Nathan Zhang 12 hours ago

    does anyone remember the tater tops with cheese in it?

  • ninja gingja 54
    ninja gingja 54 13 hours ago

    Is it me or dose there chewing make me hungry🍔🥓🍔🥓

  • Christy Wallace
    Christy Wallace 13 hours ago

    They sell those cheeto mac n cheese things at walmart

  • Mekayla Garcia
    Mekayla Garcia 14 hours ago

    But does anyone remember the french fri burger 🍔 that was bomb, i was sad they didn't put it in here because that is a definite bring it back

  • Tweet The Furry
    Tweet The Furry 16 hours ago

    Keep it up dudes! Great job!!!

  • Ameenah Eloi
    Ameenah Eloi 16 hours ago

    I like my whooper with sweet n sour sauce on it

  • Xaviar Frye
    Xaviar Frye 16 hours ago

    Burger King has very unoriginal ideas.