Stephen A. reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov attacking Conor McGregor's team at UFC 229 | SportsCenter



  • 3KBS Channel 8 months ago

    0:31“Took out his mouthpiece, and threw something.”He threw his mouthpiece..

  • Atif Ismail 18 days ago


  • Senile Foolidge 8 months ago


  • Ncr 95 8 months ago

    Khabib is the man bro

  • Austin Onyeche Jr. 8 months ago

    You talk about a man's character, religion, father, and attempt to assault him with a metal dolly through a bus window... don't be surprised if he jumps a cage to kick an ass or two.

  • Sloghen 3 months ago

    Oh no. Did anyone die from those insults? Why do people care so much about what someone else is saying? He beat Conor fair and square physically, he should've been happy with that.

  • Cristian Sopena 8 months ago

    Khabib is now the popular man and conor is the most embarassing man.

  • Million Chances 3 months ago

    These mctapper fans seem to believe that mma is boxing now grappling and jiu jitsu is now considered hugging and mctapper is the greatest fighter in UFC history.... Yall McGregor fans are dumb af let alone he got arrested again go drink his whiskey, in fact drink to much of it until you fans can't type or talk and just lay down and give up just like your savior does. 🖕

  • MOHAMMAD wajdi 4 months ago

    @Zhi Yang wtf he fucked him in every round

  • besadius 8 months ago

    Khabib went from 26-0 to 28-0 in one night

  • Cbsas. 37 8 months ago

    I was ur 1000th like

  • Jhonis Fandino 8 months ago

    besadius you Made my day 👌🏼👌🏼😂

  • See this 3 idiots, it was cool when McGregor attacked Khabib's team's bus, it was cool when Conor was speaking trash about Khabib's religion and country. But it isn't cool when Khabib's team attacked conor. Justice..?

  • Yo FG 5 months ago

    Almost all McGregor fans are pathetic alcoholics🙃🤤🤕 now i understand why Conor is their national hero)Enjoy losers! All who trying to insult our guy)))) He Fucked u all27-0🇷🇺🇷🇺👊😄

  • Darrow Pair 8 months ago


  • asdf asdf 8 months ago

    When McGregor attacked the bus did they react like this? Serious question.

  • Balenci Aga 28 days ago

    The would if it would have been during a live event..

  • ZAINUL Shaik 8 months ago

    These haters and their double standards...Khabib a great victory and the haters cant even comment on the match...

  • bnbb 8 months ago

    why the fuck would they talk about the match now when that just happened?? u fucking retarded? lmao

  • Ōdanna Ri 8 months ago

    Rasist mcgregor and team. Losers.....Khabib best 👏

  • Y-G-J 8 months ago

    "..took out his mouthpiece and threw SOMETHING..."He threw the mouthpiece...

  • Muhammed Aurangzeb 8 months ago


  • Ilic Bojan 8 months ago

    Y-G-JThis to "gay" can them self, they have problem with Habib nationalitet...