Mchanga - Best Kodi 17.6 Build Review | Firestick Kodi Build Install & Setup Guide December 2017

  • Published on:  12/9/2017
  • Learn how to install kodi 17.6 builds for amazon firestick with this easy Mchanga kodi build install review & setup guide that covers the best Kodi addons January 2018 to watch new movies tv shows live tv and sports plus this kodi 17.6 build is light and fast also will work on any Kodi device including Android devices like the Nvidia Shield TV also all models of Amazon Firestick Fire TV Windows Mac Linux even Raspberry Pi and you do not need the ares wizard to install on xbmc !

    In this kodi build review & tutorial Mchanga walks through a great fast Kodi Build for Kodi 17.6 Krypton and all previous versions of Kodi 17 that has a ton of the Top Kodi Addons January 2018 and we do a Complete Kodi Setup with the overview before the Kodi Setup Guide. I show you How To Fresh Start without using the Ares Wizard and How To Install a Kodi Build with a great Kodi Wizard. Kodi 17.6 Krypton and all previous versions of Kodi 17 came with a lot of layout changes that many people did not like, so this Kodi Build brings back some of the great aesthetics and elements of the older Kodi layout with a few Kodi Tweaks.

    I consider this to be one of the Best Kodi Builds 2018 for Kodi 17.6 Krypton and all previous versions of Kodi 17. It works great on the Amazon Fire TV Stick , Android , PC , Mac and many Kodi Devices. If you are looking for a great Step By Step Setup Guide on How To Fresh Start and How To Install A Kodi Build you are in the right place. Check out some of the links below if you need help on How To Force Close Kodi or How To Delete Kodi Builds and even Access Kodi Live TV since there is more than one way to get The Best Kodi experience. If you want to learn how to install Kodi on amazon fire tv stick just check below and also check the links below for any new kodi builds I recommend to install on android windows 10 mac and for the best build options including older kodi 16.1 builds and the new kodi 17.6 builds complete with the best kodi addons available to install for kodi 17 in 2018 even if you are using a firestick for kodi ! Check out the links below for more videos on my channel that cover the best kodi builds the best kodi addons the best kodi live tv the best kodi sports addons and all of the kodi 17.6 build reviews and coverage for the average consumer you can handle!

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