• Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Quick spool & big power!? Is there anything else on this planet a guy could want? THIS THING RIPS! So stoked :)
    RS Enthalpy ROM Tune -
    Garrett G25-550 Turbo
    BC 264 cams
    CP Pistons/Manley rods (9:1)
    Deatschwerks 1200cc top feed injectors
    DW400 Pump
    Taylor Ray -


  • Dim
    Dim 1 months ago

    It's spools pretty fast.What rpm do you have full boost?

  • Kai Sinclair
    Kai Sinclair 2 months ago

    Make a video showing all the cars you own

  • Ey Thats Pretty Good
    Ey Thats Pretty Good 2 months ago

    6:37 Is that a water leak????????????????

  • SDAR SilviaSlides
    SDAR SilviaSlides 2 months ago

    how much hp n torque? and tyre sizes?

  • Austin Hurd
    Austin Hurd 2 months ago

    That red z32 tho😍😍

  • CAPTaiN LuCkY
    CAPTaiN LuCkY 2 months ago throwback at the end?

  • T Mac
    T Mac 2 months ago

    Yes mazwox ! And they are located in Florida as well. Message Dave Briggs he can give you some SR20DET pointers.

  • Fractal Media
    Fractal Media 2 months ago

    i may have found a solution that i haven't put to the test yet for the appropriate gearing with a cd09. gktech makes solid conversion bushings to put an s14 subframe in an s13 chassis and mavericks motorsports makes differential conversion bushings to put a 350z diff into an s14 subframe. with the 2 combined that would just leave drive shaft length and assuming both bushings are accurate your diff should be at the proper vertical measurement aligned with the transmission so it doesnt destroy itself you would not only have the propper gearing but you could utilize the diff speed sensor and have an oem speedo aswell. i havent seen anyone do this exact setup closest ive seen was caleb quanbeck using the maverick bushing to put a z diff in his s14. it could be a beneficial yet costly mod but if anyone were to actually do it would probably be you and i would love to see this done right.

  • Patryk Kwas
    Patryk Kwas 2 months ago

    It is kind of funy ^^ I feel like it sounds like a damn rotary engine ;)

  • cod3z ™
    cod3z ™ 2 months ago

    What head studs are being used doe?🤔

  • Dapper Dawson
    Dapper Dawson 2 months ago

    Why does Adam cussing make me feel more into the videos. It’s more of actual him I dig it a lot

  • Justin Milner
    Justin Milner 2 months ago

    That was a good outro.

  • Clemens Baumgartner
    Clemens Baumgartner 2 months ago

    Civilian generate one doll headline rhythm shortly inform T-shirt integration.

  • Rykage
    Rykage 2 months ago

    The rhyming at the end 😂😂 you always kill me

  • Rykage
    Rykage 2 months ago

    When the 240 is slooowly catching up to the skyline with an sr in it😏

  • Rykage
    Rykage 2 months ago

    I remember that! Damn that throwback with the astonmartin

  • Slowly Rolling
    Slowly Rolling 2 months ago

    New outro

  • jay rios
    jay rios 2 months ago

    That really makes me think I’ve been watching you for a while

  • King LV
    King LV 2 months ago

    Why won’t it hold idol

    DRIFT WOMPA 2 months ago

    You every gunna do a 2.2 or 2.4 stroker?