• Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Quick spool & big power!? Is there anything else on this planet a guy could want? THIS THING RIPS! So stoked :)http://LZMFG.comRS Enthalpy ROM Tune - http://rs-enthalpy.comGarrett G25-550 TurboBC 264 camse85CP Pistons/Manley rods (9:1)Springs/retainersDeatschwerks 1200cc top feed injectorsDW400 PumpTaylor Ray -


  • Mike's Videos
    Mike's Videos 11 months ago+419

    2 guys riding in a car with a Just Married decal on the back. Priceless.

  • justin martie
    justin martie 11 months ago+212

    I bet he went home and ordered that intake 😂😂😂😂

  • GenesisGENIUS
    GenesisGENIUS 11 months ago+142

    She is on the dyno. And she is pissed.

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson 11 months ago+192

    really need to go ported VE head conversion
    330cfm compared to stock 165cfm on DET
    small turbo would mean spool would not be compromised

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young 11 months ago+276

    When will the wheels come for the F250?

  • Destin Ginnis
    Destin Ginnis 11 months ago+101

    Holy shit that’s insane power for an SR! Really good spool too!

  • bryan knauf
    bryan knauf 11 months ago+60

    In love with the cream 240 ❤️

  • The depression guy paddy shalloe

    U guys might hate me for saying this but I like the 240 more than the skyline

  • noel martinez
    noel martinez 11 months ago+20

    Adam i love when taylor is filiming and you just act normal yes you were cussing but thats you man i so prefer that don't act different because of a camera be you man much love Adam huge inspiration

  • MoggaCinoo
    MoggaCinoo 11 months ago+36

    outro from the old days 😍👍

  • Boosted Bill
    Boosted Bill 11 months ago+30

    Oh and i think u should have Taylor drive the 240 and race him in the skyline!

  • Fons Mik
    Fons Mik 11 months ago+7

    Haha I somehow had subtitles turned on and youtube translated the engine spooling to [music] xD youtube knows whats up

  • Andrei T.
    Andrei T. 11 months ago+7

    You need to repaint that valve cover in red once again. It looked clean

  • Philip & Kaden
    Philip & Kaden 11 months ago+25

    When will you reveal your new toyota supra?

  • Dennis Vanderben
    Dennis Vanderben 11 months ago+85

    Trailer livery needed!!

  • NissanPacific
    NissanPacific 11 months ago+27

    I really want to see what the Garrett G25 does with the 0.49 A/R T25 housing... I really want to keep my bottom mount to keep everything low key.

  • Madmansmitty
    Madmansmitty 11 months ago+7

    9:26 I thought he was about to rip the hydro around that corner🤣

  • Kareem Zahran
    Kareem Zahran 11 months ago+28

    Amazing video as always! I remember watching your 335i video and how that motivated you to work harder to achieve your goals, you inspired me to make a youtube channel and I'm almost at 100 subs can't wait to see how much I can grow!

  • AZBI
    AZBI 11 months ago+25

    Sounds like an evacuation alarm at some points

  • Jacob Moon
    Jacob Moon 11 months ago+33

    We had a tornado yesterday in Virginia and it killed someone 25 minutes from my house 😩 and we got two more tornadoes on the way. this is just from Hurricane Florence imagine being in North Carolina I'm sure it was devastating!