• Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Quick spool & big power!? Is there anything else on this planet a guy could want? THIS THING RIPS! So stoked :)http://LZMFG.comRS Enthalpy ROM Tune - http://rs-enthalpy.comGarrett G25-550 TurboBC 264 camse85CP Pistons/Manley rods (9:1)Springs/retainersDeatschwerks 1200cc top feed injectorsDW400 PumpTaylor Ray -


  • Mike's Videos 9 months ago

    2 guys riding in a car with a Just Married decal on the back. Priceless.

  • nova 2 months ago


  • Cody Smith 9 months ago

    Best comment I've seen in a while 😂

  • justin martie 9 months ago

    I bet he went home and ordered that intake 😂😂😂😂

  • Dylan K 9 months ago

    100% this lol

  • Chris O 9 months ago

    I bet that SR will fail again before the intake even arrives..

  • Brandon Young 9 months ago

    When will the wheels come for the F250?

  • Metal Fruttolo 9 months ago

    Riley Goodfellow actually IMO mud tyres on a truck that only drives on road is rice, and poser style. A/T tyres on nice rims is way more functional and looks good too.

  • Halket 9 months ago

    CHVSE LUPEX .. I work on oil rigs.. most trucks are fully loaded diesels and get beat to shit

  • GenesisGENIUS 9 months ago

    She is on the dyno. And she is pissed.

  • Alex Thompson 9 months ago

    really need to go ported VE head conversion330cfm compared to stock 165cfm on DETsmall turbo would mean spool would not be compromised

  • Waffeey 9 months ago

    RIP turbo

  • JJ Sorenavki 9 months ago

    p.s Hypertune 110%

  • Destin Ginnis 9 months ago

    Holy shit that’s insane power for an SR! Really good spool too!

  • Charlie Smith 9 months ago

    There's that one Aussie guy with a 950hp SR which is mental, but it breaks or blows up every other pull lol

  • paddy shalloe 9 months ago

    U guys might hate me for saying this but I like the 240 more than the skyline

  • Marvin Zapata 4 months ago

    I had an R33 GTR Vspec here in Germany. Now i want a 240

  • Dim 8 months ago

    If the skyline had and rb26 it would be a lot different.I like the silvia more too.

  • bryan knauf 9 months ago

    In love with the cream 240 ❤️

  • noel martinez 9 months ago

    Adam i love when taylor is filiming and you just act normal yes you were cussing but thats you man i so prefer that don't act different because of a camera be you man much love Adam huge inspiration

  • ThatOneGuyPablo 9 months ago

    noel martinez but demonitization!!!

  • Billy Breunig 9 months ago

    Oh and i think u should have Taylor drive the 240 and race him in the skyline!