Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

  • Published on:  12/3/2018
  • In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.

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  • Cami G
    Cami G 4 minutes ago

    Athi loadshedding😂😂😂 yohhh

  • Brenda Laprince
    Brenda Laprince 5 minutes ago

    Trevor thanks for sharing your grand mama with us. She's precious. You are an awesome down to earth young man.
    I wish you much success❤

  • Linda Powell-Hardy
    Linda Powell-Hardy 9 minutes ago

    This brought tears for many reasons.
    I am a Grandma of 32. Trevor God Bless You And Your Grandma.

    MOANA 12 minutes ago

    LOL! We Polynesians walk in the street because we fit on the street not the sidewalks. Once a car comes by, we separate to opposite sides, and then walk in the middle of the road once the car passes.

  • Ianta Allotey
    Ianta Allotey 20 minutes ago

    l love this young man. He is so funny. Watched all his comedy videos in one day.

  • Crurned
    Crurned 21 minutes ago

    This is like home! Your granny has the same fridge magnets I had at home.

  • Veronica Woods
    Veronica Woods 21 minutes ago

    She is absolutely beautiful and alluring. Many blessings. This was awesome!!!!

  • Crurned
    Crurned 21 minutes ago

    It remind me of my granny, she is really old and she no longer speaks or walks but she occassionally has clear mind moments. She used to talk about her childhood days vividly.

  • Joey Mbugua
    Joey Mbugua 23 minutes ago

    i'm screaming from Kenya

  • Joey Mbugua
    Joey Mbugua 24 minutes ago

    LMAO. ''and your neighbors scream when you walk by...''

  • Bistany Arnold
    Bistany Arnold 35 minutes ago


  • FrozenEternity
    FrozenEternity 55 minutes ago

    "Fix the cable" Come on now Trevor. Say satellite at least if you can't say DSTV

  • Yula Nzioki
    Yula Nzioki 59 minutes ago

    She reminds me of my grandmother, from kenya

  • O.P.1090
    O.P.1090 an hour ago

    I know now from where he got his humor his grandma is hilarious

  • Zanele Cekiso
    Zanele Cekiso an hour ago


  • Koketso Mokone
    Koketso Mokone an hour ago

    "We dont have road rage, we have road joy" hell yea!

  • O.P.1090
    O.P.1090 an hour ago

    why is he tearing up the whole video ?

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  • TeedarkAngel
    TeedarkAngel an hour ago


  • Edward Diaz
    Edward Diaz an hour ago

    Beautiful Story" ... Love Coco XOXO Grandmom XOXO