Mortimerian Tales - Bob Mortimer on Would I Lie to You? - Part 1

  • Published on:  3/3/2017
  • Compilation of Bob Mortimer's stories on Would I Lie to You?
    00:07 - I once set fire to my house with a box of fireworks.
    06:50 - The police once ordered me to leave town because I was frightening the locals.
    13:11 - This is Keith. He's my oldest friend, and when we were at school together, we hid a dictaphone in the classroom ceiling to confuse our teacher.
    18:25 - This is the cushion that I used to carry my pet owl around on. I would have brought the owl, but he escaped last week.
    23:45 - For five days I pushed my cat around in a pram, because it had sprained three of its ankles.
    26:27 - As a teenager, I used to terrorise my neighbourhood with a game I invented called "Theft and Shrubbery".
    31:45 - This is Michael, and after cutting his hair, I got a job on a campsite as a hairdresser.
    37:54 - I have a digeridoo suspended from a tree in my back garden so when the wind blows in a certain direction, it parps soothing sounds of the outback through my bedroom window.
    41:34 - I recently had to charm a spider out of my shoe by tooting a flute at it.
    45:35 - I can break an apple in half with my bare hands.

    A huge thanks to the person who contributed the Swedish subtitles for the entire compilation!
    And to the person who contributed the Russian subtitles for the entire compilation! This is simply amazing.