• Published on:  9/10/2018
  • LIKE & SUBSCRIBE HERE: MY TOP VIDEOS HERE: Twitter: Merch: Me: today's video of the mini golf road trip: summer 2018, we are checking out Can Can Wonderland mini golf course! This is easily the craziest mini golf course I have ever played. We manage to both get a mini golf hole in one at this course, and the mini golf holes are absolutely crazy! Have you ever seen a mini golf course like this before? This mini golf course features mini golf holes like I have never seen in my life. Every mini golf hole is really unique and was designed by local artists in the area!Camera Gear:Mini Golf Camera: Angle Lens (Mini Golf Lens): Camera: Golf Bendy Tripod: Microphones: Brooks Holt:What is going on BHV! I used to travel the world playing drums, now I travel the world playing mini golf on the internet. Subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I post new videos playing mini golf, vlogging my life, or playing some fun arcade games! THE CRAZIEST MINI GOLF COURSE IN THE WORLD! - DOUBLE HOLE IN ONE AND INSANE HOLES! Holt"Music from Epidemic Sound ("


  • Vibrate AbstraKt
    Vibrate AbstraKt 7 days ago+5

    You live in MN! I have played there!

  • King Daniel
    King Daniel 10 months ago+2

    Better at everything
    Even though
    See you are amazing
    To be the best youtube

  • CenterStarsChannel
    CenterStarsChannel 9 months ago+1

    First video of yours we ever watched. Thanks for sharing!

  • Maxwell Sayre
    Maxwell Sayre yesterday

    I went there for my birthday it was awesome

  • Garforce II
    Garforce II 10 months ago+1

    i live half an hour south of there and never knew it existed or was even coming, thank you, gotta try it out

  • Evelyn Moya
    Evelyn Moya 10 months ago+70

    Elisha: So you-
    Brooks: OH SO YOU HAVE TO _____

  • IceCypress 8322
    IceCypress 8322 9 months ago+1

    Yo I live in Sioux City and it is so weird hearing it from somebody that doesn't live in this area and it's pronounced Sue-City but its spelled weird.

  • PrettyMuchEverything
    PrettyMuchEverything 10 months ago+1

    I know that video games recently have a problem with good graphics while having quality content... but mini golf too!?!

  • Steven Tarr II
    Steven Tarr II 10 months ago+1

    first video of yours i have watched and i am now hooked on your videos keep up the good work

    ROBLOX FANATIC 1 months ago+5

    6:29 let’s see if I can hit it out of this THICC grass

  • Jade Dubuque
    Jade Dubuque 10 months ago+1

    Hey! I've been there the arcade and just the entire aspect is so amazing

  • DrMcnuggets
    DrMcnuggets 10 months ago+1

    Do you know what i like about this channel there is barely any negativity. :D

  • Ben Beeby
    Ben Beeby 11 months ago+181

    Surely the best mini golf ever designed

  • Panda_ GangYT
    Panda_ GangYT 5 months ago+2

    I been here

  • kaylib Troman
    kaylib Troman 6 months ago+4

    This video can be a you dont say meme

  • conorF
    conorF 21 days ago+4

    All im wondering is why are they the only ones there?

  • Ma Hy
    Ma Hy 6 days ago+2

    That mini golf course looks so fun

  • Harry Johnston-Smith
    Harry Johnston-Smith 9 months ago

    Did he say

  • Shane DeRidder
    Shane DeRidder 8 months ago+2

    Just found your channel. Fun stuff! +1 sub :)

  • Jack Short
    Jack Short 9 months ago+3

    This kept coming up on my feed so glad I actually watched it