Future - You Da Baddest (Official Music Video) ft. Nicki Minaj



  • Cutie Pie 3 months ago

    Damn. Nicki's voice is beautiful af.

  • junior vallejo 2 days ago

    @El Chulito GA k

  • El Chulito GA 2 days ago

    Notice nobody is saying “yeah but you should hear her live, acoustically...” auto tune doesn’t always sound robotic. I’ve recorded songs and I’ve had them use auto tune to correct stray/flat/sharp/off notes. You wouldn’t even know. Let’s hear this broad sing in a public square without a sound system. They even have auto tune for live performances.

  • Sheck z 1 months ago

    Nicki's level of confidence can't be matched! She's literally walking around all these gorgeous woman not giving an F. 😍

  • Uhura Enterprise 4 days ago

    @JLew True thing and Nicki got it😍

  • JLew 19 days ago

    That’s how everyone should walk down the street , it’s not always about looks .. confidence is also the key 🔑

  • Diamond Coleman 1 months ago

    Them teeth and those dimples ❤😍 She is the baddest 🤤

  • Stacie Watson 21 days ago

    Diamond Coleman kvyrpny59

  • sweetlele lele 3 months ago

    Black women never look their age ....respect nicki

  • Uhura Enterprise 8 hours ago

    True thing and Nicki's such a gorgeous lady💜💚

  • Jessica . 9 days ago

    @Queen Mya White where?? Her mother is Afro-Trinidadian and her father is Indo-Trinidadian! Don't underestimate Nicki's appearance all because she's a lighter complexion, luv.🙄

  • Shaquita Lucas 5 months ago

    The way Future is dancing is so cute to me

  • Josh Mendes 14 days ago

    Bene Shee by future?

  • No shade Bebe 1 months ago

    @Bene Shee Congrats!

  • Tom M 19 days ago

    Still 2019 anyone? If yes give me like 😉

  • Tom M 10 days ago

    @Julia Iancu it's 2 years old🤗

  • Julia Iancu 11 days ago

    What do u mean how old it's this song 🤔

  • P J 2 months ago

    2:20 Yo, Tell me those dimples aren’t the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen in your life 🤤🥰

  • Leslie Perez an hour ago


  • I love the dimples

  • Kanani Lewenilovo 1 months ago

    This vid fr explaining how everyone b looking at Nicki, but she dgaf witcho weirddd energy 🤣🤣

  • Kevon Seymour #KS27 2 months ago

    And someone will tell me Cardi B is better than this queen? HELL NO

  • Adam Beck 2 days ago

    They are all Queens of hell !

  • XJ Squad 2 days ago

    Cardi b is good at rapping boy and the queen👑O.K. and you hating on cardi b

  • amine chantout 8 days ago

    OK nicki's energy and vibes and her unshakable confidences gives me huge confidence