Janis Putelis In Search of His First Archery Elk, Part 1 | S2E01 | MeatEater Hunts

  • Published on:  5/11/2021
  • In this episode, MeatEater's Janis Putelis is joined by Jason Phelps, owner and operator of @Phelps Game Calls, for a September elk hunt on a friend's ranch in southeast Colorado. It might be a surprise to some that MeatEater's longtime producer and resident elk guide has never killed a bull with his bow, but after years handling clients and cameras, it's finally Jani's turn to cut his tag.

    You may have noticed Jason and Jani blowing on a new Phelps bugle tube in this episode, check out this link for more info on the new Met-Al Bugle Tube. https://bit.ly/3uHetEc



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