Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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    Over the summer I launched an ARG mystery for the Theorist community to solve. It required people to work with each other to piece together the clues hidden in our back to school merch launch. Today I am going to show you how it all was put together because this was only the BETA TEST! If the Theorist community wants it, we will be making more of these treasure hunts, so keep your eyes open. You never know when the next hunt will begin...

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  • alexanderfc
    alexanderfc 4 hours ago

    I think it's safe to say you will be seeing a Game Theory sub service. Seems the team have a business plan worked out for it, you don't refuse YouTube in fear of not having your channel/videos promoted and then you have the persuasive and infomercial-like language of Mat selling it.
    Truthfully, I think it will alienate not only viewers of this channel, but will do the same on other channels that sign up. But on the flip side, you run the risk of being promoted less. The catch22 YouTube dilemma.

  • Summery Dino
    Summery Dino 5 hours ago

    Put on captions at 1:27

  • Timmy Goodwin
    Timmy Goodwin 11 hours ago

    I woild totally sponsor you but i cant afford it

  • Carina
    Carina 13 hours ago

    Go to 12:38 fir the puzzle but pause it cause you'll miss it

  • Bradley Richards
    Bradley Richards 16 hours ago

    Oh man... can't believe I missed this...

  • brody & brennon
    brody & brennon 22 hours ago


  • georgina fisk
    georgina fisk yesterday

    noooo don't do memberships! i'm broke and don't wanna feel like i'm missing out...

  • Caleb Beggs
    Caleb Beggs yesterday

    Hey man I can't speak for anyone else but if it'll help the channel grow and make a bit more to support you all, That's enough for me to say go for it!

  • Miya Hernandez
    Miya Hernandez yesterday

    The problem is that you have to have an actual email, not an intranet email and I really want to participate but I can't get emails from outside the circle (not literal). Which is why if they got rid of the verification email and put an actual I Am Not A Robot test younger people could play.

  • Lane Unicorn
    Lane Unicorn yesterday


  • Elissa Garrett
    Elissa Garrett yesterday

    So, um... the captain planet video is one of my favorite matpat things ever? lol, I can see why he might cringe at it, but it's still pretty good. *shrug* :P

  • Karen Bencosme
    Karen Bencosme yesterday

    Turn On Captions.......
    And Watch The Intro........
    *Dat Littttttttttt Intro*

  • C Squared
    C Squared yesterday

    wait.. in the thumbnail shouldn’t the tape be coming off? is this all just a cover-up for what’s REALLY happening?

  • Mercurial Minnow
    Mercurial Minnow yesterday

    OMg he put a lot of time in to this

  • BluerageninjaSISTER

    Never mind. Just figured it out. It say WS- would-not-make-it-that-easy. Still might be something to look on though.

  • BluerageninjaSISTER

    Pause at exactly 12:38.........

  • Bumpkin Bee
    Bumpkin Bee 2 days ago

    "I'm gonna get to petscop next week!" no petscop for 8 weeks *HMMM*

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy 2 days ago

    Don't know if it means anything

  • FamousGlory
    FamousGlory 2 days ago

    May I just ask for your
    Attention, Mat? Does my
    Theoretical jokes count
    In regards to the point
    My jokes tend to be...
    Autistic but at least it's a
    Debatable, right? Right?!

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy 2 days ago

    There are numbers in the video and they go as 23 5-23 15 21 12 4 - 14 15 20 - 13 1 11 5
    9 20- 20 8 1 20 -5119 25