Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Memberships Survey ► Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop ►► Secret Life of Markiplier ►► for More Theories! ► the summer I launched an ARG mystery for the Theorist community to solve. It required people to work with each other to piece together the clues hidden in our back to school merch launch. Today I am going to show you how it all was put together because this was only the BETA TEST! If the Theorist community wants it, we will be making more of these treasure hunts, so keep your eyes open. You never know when the next hunt will begin...Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound.Get Your 30 Day Free Trial Now ► for Every Theory! ► out with us on GTLive! ►► THEORIES:Petscop - The GHOST Inside a HAUNTED Game ► Viner Invasion of Jake Paul and Logan Paul! ►► to Create a YouTube Trend ►► Mario Maker, BIGGER than the UNIVERSE! ►► the Water Bottle Flip Challenge ► out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► Shock ►► SCIENCE! ►►


  • Josh Jimison 10 months ago

    PewDiePie: The Face of YouTubeMatPat: The Mind of YouTubeMarkiplier: The Heart of YouTubeJacksepticeye: The Voice of YouTube.Edit: thank all of you guys for the 1.3k likes. Wow that is the most amount of likes I have ever had.

  • Terrifying Blaze 17 hours ago

    Josh Jimison and what about Danton???

  • Captain Artist yesterday

    @LiL Speedy ok

  • Alfredo Ayala 25 days ago

    Top right: Film TheoryTop left: Game TheoryBottom left: Book TheoryBottom right: Food Theory

  • NeonBOI447 BW 2 days ago

    Or vid theory being purple

  • Higgins21000 8 months ago

    i wish i was clever enough to participate in his ARGs -_-

  • I soooo feel u bro/gurl

  • Davin Christen 17 days ago

    me to

  • OddBeep 3 months ago

    i saw those numbers! *runs into hole to start decoding this code from 2018 so im really late to this*

  • Jack Deavers yesterday

    Adonna Brons what was it

  • Batsy 2 days ago

    Go to if ya wanna join for the last gate. The hell hole that will be gate 7 is coming soonish

  • Little bunny Chan 3 months ago

    ya i honestly not able to participate in this or in general get merch :(

  • Maryann Thompson 1 months ago

    Little bunny Chan same

  • Max Ellis 10 months ago

    Mat is secretly hiding Chris Pratt in his basement

  • Melody Winnie 15 days ago

    Ooooo #PrattPat

  • Matt Turner 1 months ago


  • Mighty XT 3 months ago

    "We would not make it that easy." MatPat 2018

  • CHUM BALAYA 2 months ago

    12:38 A CodeIf we decrypt that code with the order of the alphabet it would spellwe-would-not-makeit-that-easy*MatPat you make me wanna cry*

  • Indy Wrestling fan 3 days ago

    what about code at 8:29 if you have subtitles

  • Why Tho? 18 days ago

    Yes! But where do we go now?

  • 23 5-23 15 21 12 4 - 14 15 20 - 13 1 11 5 9 20 - 8 1 20 - 5 1 19 25

  • @Aravis Lillie welp i mest up

  • Aravis Lillie 20 days ago

    @diamond skeleton and friends It's not morse code, it is like the easiest kind of cypher you can make

  • Lo Jurg 3 months ago

    I wish I could be part of the current ARG, but I couldn't get past the second or third gate (can't remember which) on mobile, I don't have access to the programs and functions required for the puzzle without owning a computer/laptop

  • Alex Ritesman 16 days ago

    Lo Jurg I’m on my phone, I’m almost done with gate 5