How to make Limoncello from the Cocktail Dudes

  • Published on:  10/10/2015
  • This popular after-dinner drink, which originated in Southern Italy, has a bright, bold, lemon taste without the sour component of lemon juice. Traditionally made with Sorrento lemons, but any lemon with a bright firm skin will do. You’ll also need a high-proof spirit to extract the lemon oil most efficiently – just as perfumers extract essential oils from peels or flowers. The liqueur will cloud up when the lemon oil-infused alcohol is mixed with the simple syrup because of the emulsification of the water and lemon oil. This so-called the Louche Effect (or Ouzo Effect), is seen in Raki or Absinthe or similar spirits and is a sign of intense lemon oil, which is exactly what you want for a good Limoncello. Enjoy this delightful liqueur straight out of the freezer. Cheers!