Guys Hike For Hours To Save Dog When Everyone Said It Couldn't Be Done | The Dodo

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Guys Hike For Hours To Save Dog When Everyone Said It Couldn't Be Done | These guys started hiking at 3 a.m. to save a dog trapped hours away in a remote mountain village. To help Sean save more dogs like Sandy, you can support the Animal Care Trust:

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    For the love of animals. Pass it on.


  • Hyperboriane
    Hyperboriane 2 days ago

    This dog went from a hillbilly dog to a owner of a restaurant, what a journey!

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown 3 days ago

    You great men deserve a medal, what a rescue and ending!

  • Lykoff
    Lykoff 3 days ago

    поддержим лайком канал !

  • Charlie Holmes
    Charlie Holmes 5 days ago

    These guys are amazing good on you guys

  • 7777LORENZO
    7777LORENZO 5 days ago

    Oh Love you guys and sweet Sandy .

  • Crystal Cupcakes
    Crystal Cupcakes 8 days ago

    Awwwwwwwwww! I love this story! It really does show that even an ordinary person, can be a hero! And the most awsome super heros are the ordinary people who do extraordinary things without expecting anything in return, they do it because they are good people who care! Just like these people who saved this dog, even tho they knew the risks, they still saved that kind gentle sweet little dog! I'm happy Sandy found his perfect forever home!

  • UnitedEarthEmpire
    UnitedEarthEmpire 8 days ago

    Are you sure you give that dog to the right person?

  • Tim Harrison
    Tim Harrison 8 days ago


  • Donuts Are amazing
    Donuts Are amazing 9 days ago

    And then they ate him

  • Nova Alcyone4920
    Nova Alcyone4920 10 days ago

    That’s so sad the 2 front feet were like cut off or something.

  • Ebor Pala Syiemlieh
    Ebor Pala Syiemlieh 13 days ago

    after adopt.. get eaten

  • Grant Nelson
    Grant Nelson 15 days ago

    Wait is he the dog that got the prosthetic front legs? He looks like it and has the same attitude

  • Bally Dingo
    Bally Dingo 18 days ago

    Sean, leave the animal rescue to someone else, your future is in comedy.

  • Bally Dingo
    Bally Dingo 18 days ago

    you guys should have kept the dog or given it to a no kill shelter. I think this is some liberal troll bait anyway, no one can be as unaware as you are.

  • Bally Dingo
    Bally Dingo 18 days ago

    Jakson is spot on, is this a joke? Asians invite you to the restaurant, tell you to bring the dog and want to adopt? Seriously, do you have current photos of the dog? If not I know they ate him and you probably ate dog the day you went there, and those asians are STILL laughing at you.

  • Nichapa Watsura
    Nichapa Watsura 18 days ago


  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith 18 days ago

    You guys are AWESOME. its people like you that give me hope for this world. I just means the world to me that someone would care that much to go up and help that little one. I have to say HERO just doesn't do you justice.. I can't seem to come up with a superlative that can describe what an incredible compassionate person like you guys could be called to express how I feel about what you did for sandy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the video and for all you did for Sandy. The transformation in that little ones life fills my heart with joy. Thank you so very much.

  • BuwBuw
    BuwBuw 19 days ago+1

    Restaurant... meal for free.. dog for free.. asians..?! Bra u killed that dog..

  • Eliya
    Eliya 19 days ago+1


  • Shenanigans With Me
    Shenanigans With Me 19 days ago

    How dare people dislike this video. How dare you? No, honestly. How DARE you? You think it's funny? Cool? It's not. You're not witty or funny. How dare you.