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  • Published on:  1/10/2019
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  • UCantHandleTheTruth3
    UCantHandleTheTruth3 an hour ago+1

    Btw all you secular dolts who think THE REAL Jesus doesn't exist because of this guys disrespectful and unholy mocking are in for a rude awakening come judgement day.
    God as a philosophical principal is the best explanation for existence of the universe, the big bang, the design in the universe, morality, the simulation hypothesis in quantum mechanics, the historical reliability of the Christian gospels and the eye witness testimonies contained there. God on a personal level is the reason millions of people have witnessed changed lives and truly an otherworldly peace as well as miracles personal and corporate from actual experiential testimony. So far from being a pie in the sky, God is actually a very evidenced based proposition that atheists have not even come close to disproving in 5000 years and counting
    And the case for Jesus both personal and historical is overwhelming. You need to call out to the REAL JESUS. The originator of TRUE love and peace. NOT this fakery.

  • AS
    AS an hour ago

    Unfortunately internet community doesn't like girl gamers for real. I was watching rainbow six siege cloud9 match and there was a lot of insults to a girl gamer for no reason.

  • Wolfy Nock
    Wolfy Nock 10 hours ago

    You are a good king, of YouTube, in case it needed a little more context

  • Elijah Bownes
    Elijah Bownes 10 hours ago

    Something about watching Felix say "dipshit" just feeds my soul, even more so directed at Ricegum.

  • Kira Jimenez
    Kira Jimenez 10 hours ago

    Did Pewds wear one cat ear the whole vid?

  • j u l e s r u l e s
    j u l e s r u l e s 11 hours ago

    jesus 😭

  • 1994 Toyota Supra MKIV Twin Turbo

    He did an oopsie

  • 1994 Toyota Supra MKIV Twin Turbo

    Pew News

  • Mīmuzuu
    Mīmuzuu 14 hours ago

    Girls aren't video games

  • Maddison Hogg
    Maddison Hogg 14 hours ago


  • Can I get 100 subs with no videos ?

    Press read more
    God loves you 🖤

  • 666 subs without videos please???

    Girls are good a cooking and clean'n but it is true all the presidents are guys and the main characters in the bible is guys and most of the popular youtubers are guys and satan is a guy and the super heros are all guys and guys are better at gaming but us girls can do stuff to but satan is a good reason why guys are better than girls

  • fritzo scamen plays
    fritzo scamen plays 16 hours ago

    Poods made an oppsie
    He forgot to respect wamman

  • nicht Wichtig
    nicht Wichtig 17 hours ago+1

    Where do you find this hoodie

  • Jayden Thomas
    Jayden Thomas 17 hours ago

    t gay

  • Andrew Luhring
    Andrew Luhring 19 hours ago

    i wanna see pewds play videogames for a long time again. like when he played that game with the giant dog looking like thing

  • The time lapser
    The time lapser 20 hours ago

    Who else got a pewdiepie ad on this video

  • laurynraemusic
    laurynraemusic yesterday

    Um im actually very confused at all the women actually making fun of themselves. Thanks for the dismissive behavior

  • Lexi Eckert
    Lexi Eckert yesterday

    Don’t forget the nasty stuff Ricegum said about Ethan and Hila. Even if you don’t them, the stuff he said is disgusting in general.

  • Jessica Vincent
    Jessica Vincent yesterday

    Step down from the protein.