DBZ Fan Animation: SSJ Goku

  • Published on:  11/9/2015
  • A fan animated remake I created with Anime Studio Pro 5 (Now Moho Studio) over several years. Adobe After Effects CS6 was used for lighting and motion blur.

    On planet Namek, Goku gets angered by Frieza to the point where he transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time, a form that many had considered legendary at the time.

    Soundtrack used:
    The Phantom Pain Trailer - MGSV
    Hulk Theme (2003) - Danny Elfman


    This fan animation is made for private use, and is not intended for sales of any sort. It is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored or approved, by Akira Toriyama, Toei, Shueisha, FUNimation, 20th Century Fox or any of their respective affiliates or licensees. The content is for the private use of the viewer and should not be sold, rented, or used for any commercial enterprise in any way, shape, or form. I make no claim to any characters, storylines, names, logos or situations that are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by federal, state, international or other intellectual property law. This work is produced solely for the personal, uncompensated enjoyment of ourselves and other DragonBall Z fans.