AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!



  • Simon Wilson
    Simon Wilson 2 hours ago

    I hope that they will provide coral ones... so excited with this color

  • michael sorokin
    michael sorokin 7 hours ago

    I have the AirPods now, love them, but as an audiophile if I don’t see noise cancelling features I may switch to something else. I had jay bird Bluetooth speakers and while they aren’t as convenient with a charging case, they more than made up for sound quality. At what point do the scales of convenience and performance outweigh each other ?

  • Maggie Zoerner
    Maggie Zoerner 7 hours ago

    I’d love to see more functionality within the airpods themselves, like being able to adjust the volume or skip the song by tapping the airpods instead of calling out to Siri in the middle of a workout. I personally don’t see that as a practical option. I also would love to see water proof airpods, as I am a swimmer. There are hardly any products out there for listening to music underwater that also fit comfortably under a swim cap.

  • Jorge Andres De La Torre M

    How do you get the AirPods 2

  • Maldito666
    Maldito666 9 hours ago

    If they don’t have volume control and new colors then not worth upgrading

    TRYzSHOT 9 hours ago

    Who is watching this laying down in Their bed with no socks

  • Gabriel koutin
    Gabriel koutin 10 hours ago

    Just got AirPods yesterday lol

  • jules
    jules 10 hours ago

    take a shot every time he says“airpods 2 in 2019 and airpods 3 in 2020

  • Harrison Bandy
    Harrison Bandy 10 hours ago

    I just gotta say. Android been doing dual audio with any Bluetooth earbuds (listening to one phone from two sets of earbuds) for like almost 2 years now.

  • Melissa Schmitz
    Melissa Schmitz 11 hours ago

    I guess Hey Siri would be cool on them but I really don't need that feature on every device. I turned it off on my phone because I am more likely to use it on my watch. That being said, thanks to this video, I'll probably wait for the AirPods 2. Especially if they will match my Space Gray products!

  • David Zafra
    David Zafra 11 hours ago

    sound reducion

  • devilsoe
    devilsoe 13 hours ago

    are you become propaganda for apple now ?

    LUIOFFICIAL 13 hours ago

    I remember getting my phone taken away in class yet still playing bluetooth through my headphones lmao. Earpods gonna do kids wonders in these schools

  • Johan-Petter Bekken
    Johan-Petter Bekken 13 hours ago

    Lol how much can you talk. Just get to it!

  • T.J. Kolberg
    T.J. Kolberg 15 hours ago

    Everyone at my gym (Planet Fitness) has AirPods.

  • Corentin Jeanneret
    Corentin Jeanneret 16 hours ago

    Why would not they put something in touch that would increase or decrease the volume on the long end of the AirPods? It would be super convenient and totally invisible !

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 19 hours ago

    I still want a gloss black set

  • iVirtualPlays
    iVirtualPlays 20 hours ago

    Does that thing stay in your ear?

  • Josef A
    Josef A 20 hours ago

    I hope the new Airpods deserve it

  • Keith Whisman
    Keith Whisman 21 hours ago

    I wonder if AirPods 2 or 3 premiums will be made out of metal or ceramic? My oldest boy has a set of ceramic earphones and they are exquisite.