The EXACT Moment Captain America Became WORTHY- Full EXPLAINED in 6 Minutes

  • Published on:  6/7/2019
  • Reasons why "Steve kept a secret so he wasn't worthy" theory doesn’t work.

    1. Feige, the Russos, and the actual DIRECTOR OF THE SCENE Joss Whedon have said that he could’ve picked it up in AoU.

    2. Keeping a secret does not prevent you from being worthy. Odin kept Loki’s true parentage from him and clearly continues to hold the hammer after he casts the enchantment. Also Thor lies to a whole bunch of people, betrays his father, and revolts against Asgard in TDW, and is clearly still worthy,

    3. There is no partly worthy or “maybe later” worthy. Thor can’t move the hammer AT ALL when the enchantment is first cast. Upon his self sacrifice, it comes to him.

    4. Cap didn’t actually keep some dark secret. Cap knew that HYDRA had something to do with Tony’s parents. Not Bucky specifically. Rewatch the scene, it requires some context clues.

    5. He kept hydras involvement from tony with pure intentions.

    6. The Russo’s directed all three movies involved in the Bucky theory, and their intent as the creators of the story clearly has nothing to do with cap becoming worthy after civil war.

    7. Thor says “I knew It!” Thor’s always known cap was worthy.

    8. If cap didn’t know he could lift it, he wouldn’t have wasted time trying to in this moment. He has seconds left until Thor dies, he wouldn’t waste those seconds trying to pick up the famously immovable hammer unless he already knew it was definitely an option.

    This is an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that cap was always worthy.

    Literally the entire point of the character is humility and compassion

    He is what worthy looks like.