We Build a Motorized Racecar Bed - and Take it to a Kart Track!

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
  • It's a dream come true: Ninja Turtle sheets + a Ferrari-esque kids bed, all powered by a chopped and stretched racing go-kart. We all wanted racecar beds as kids, and now the ultimate sleeper Siestarossa is complete. Best Garage Garage build ever???

    Special thanks to @k1speed for letting us shred at their track!

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  • Hoonigan Project Cars (Jan 8, 2019)

    What do you want to see next on Garage Garage?

  • Cole Kurtenbach (Feb 10, 2019)

    Updates on our favorite projects: shit car, shart cart, and scum bug

  • phoenix Rebel NZ (Jan 27, 2019)

    +Szymon Opałka hell yeah that'd be a really interesting and fun to watch series. I'd be so down for it.

  • Cadin Caldwell (Jan 8, 2019)

    This ShredBed is NOW the ultimate sleeper.

  • Pablo Lopez (7 hours ago)


  • Trial n' Error (Jan 16, 2019)

    I see what ya did there....well played sir.

  • Justin D (Jan 8, 2019)

    Bedkhana incoming??

  • Kristoffer Evinrude (Jan 16, 2019)

    best idea for slow racing ever.

  • Nibbles Kennedy (Jan 12, 2019)

    Make it official

  • Casey Culp (Jan 8, 2019)

    Finally a car that is proportional to Danger Dan 😆

  • Richard Herring (Jan 14, 2019)

    I can only imagine watching Vin rip this thing.

  • Corporal Quesadilla (Jan 8, 2019)

    The current fastest “bed” in the Guinness book hits 83.8 MPH, so you guys might wanna add some seatbelts lol

  • Luis Martinez (Jan 14, 2019)

    83.8 freeThey’re getting that record easy

  • Johnathan Doe (Jan 13, 2019)

    Dillon Hensel 😂😂

  • Carcaine (Jan 8, 2019)

    This is how Brad gets arrested every night.

  • Nut Sacc (Jan 18, 2019)

    When your talking about drifting and someone says "in your dreams"

  • Richard Herring (Jan 14, 2019)

    Sleep drifting, the savage form of sleep walking.

  • beeemdubau (Jan 8, 2019)

    Ron drives that bed the same way he shreds a rally car in the sim: a whole lotta ain’t care.

  • Lauro Paxcle jr (Jan 8, 2019)

    Unlike porn, I don't skip this straight to the action. I like to know what's happening.

  • David Smith (Jan 8, 2019)

    We need more of dancing dan!! Hahaha and let’s see Ron car on staff inspections too!

  • Zane Richards (Jan 8, 2019)

    sick video hoonigans i had a racecar bed when i was a kid that was everyones dream as a kid keep on shredin