Most MYSTERIOUS Underwater Discoveries Made!

  • Published on:  2/13/2020
  • From strange underwater structures that look like monsters to entire lost cities, here are 11 of the most amazing underwater discoveries!

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    11. USS Saratoga
    There have been many ships in the United States Navy fleet, and not all of them made it home, such as the USS Saratoga. Although it should be noted that the Saratoga did NOT fall in battle, but rather via tests in Operation Crossroads. This operation was designed to help the Navy understand the effects of Atomic blasts on ships of the Saratoga's size, of which the Saratoga was a Lexington-Class Aircraft Carrier.

    10. The Lost City Of Heracleion
    During its life above water, Heracleion was an important city to the country of Egypt, and was even called the "gateway" to the country. It was so important that when it was "taken By the oceans" it was named the "Lost Kingdom Of Cleopatra".

    9. Apollo 11 Engines
    When Apollo 11 launched from Florida in 1969, it was on its way to the moon to make history. But in the process of going to space, it dropped some of its engines. A search for those engines went on for many decades as they were a key part of NASA history, but they were never found. That is, until 2012 when a man named Jeff Bezos went out on a "secret mission" to try and find the engines. If you feel like you know that name, it's because that's the name of the CEO of Amazon.

    8. The Spanish Treasure Fleet
    The year was 1712, and in Spain, the people had just won a war for their succession. By the time the war was over, Spain was declared independent of British and French influences, and so, they were able to continue their ways. However, because of the cost of the war, the Spanish needed to refill their reserves. Knowing that they had assets in the "new world", in this case Cuba, they sent a fleet of ships to go down there, take the treasures that they had acquired, and bring them back to Spain.

    7. The Titanic
    the Titanic was an "unsinkable" ship that went down in April of 1912. Both halves of the ship sunk beneath the ocean waves after striking an iceberg and causing a series of events that broke the boat in half. Many decades after, the ship itself, or more accurately its pieces, were sought out by various parties. This included the US military.

    6. The Atocha
    In 1622, a fleet of ships were set to leave from Havana, Cuba and go straight to Spain. This fleet was 28 ships strong, and they carried gold, silver, emeralds, pearls, and more from various Central and South American countries. But no sooner did they set sail on September 4th than they ran into a hurricane.

    5. A Rift Between Continents
    Diving has led to many discoveries about the world at large, and ine of the most famous, and arguably most important, discoveries was that of the Silfra Rift. Now, when I say "rift", I mean it, as this is a literal hole or gap between two very important things. What things? That would be the North American and Euroasia plates. Or more specifically, the tectonic plates that the continents on Earth are situated on.

    4. The Lost Underwater City in the Gulf of Cambay
    In 2001, scientists were doing scans of the Gulf of Cambay on the west coast of India, and when they did, they noticed something interesting. About 120 feet below sea level there were signs of various structures, indicating a city between the waves.

    3. The Lost City Of Pavlopetri
    Located south of Laconia, and surprisingly only 13 feet below sea level, Pavlopetri is a true full-formed city beneath the sea. It's massive, covering 322,917 square feet, and what's more, this isn't just buildings that fell into the depths, all the constructions that were within the city fell with it. We're talking buildings, streets, courtyards, and even tombs and graveyards. Everything was lost to the water.

    2. Puffer Fish Art
    One of the biggest mysteries that humanity tries to solve when it can is where certain pieces of art came from, such as mysterious formations that occurred on the ocean floor near Japan. In the Mid-90's, deep sea divers kept coming across these rather intricate art pieces that seemingly had no point, yet were clearly made by hand (or by an entity at the very least). They were so detailed and mysterious that they became known as the underwater "crop circles", and for over a decade, no one knew exactly who made them and why.