• Published on:  10/16/2015
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  • Johnson Valdon 3 months ago

    not gonna lie but, Keith has some good vocals.

  • ryan seo 1 years ago

    why didnt anthony just splash the coffee onto billy mays

  • dragon scale 1 months ago

    Oh yeah

  • Pizza cat 2 months ago

    Like- heaven is realReply- heaven is fake

  • IIIconicTrap 3 days ago

    Oh my

  • 寿司svchii dumbass

  • Robby Mounce 1 years ago

    "SHUT THE BLESS UP!" Lol I'm DEFINITELY gonna be using

  • I am Thanos 14 days ago

    @Buu Tran OMG🤣🤣🤣

  • Buu Tran 1 months ago

    Bless you lol

  • AdminTheCreator 1 years ago

    Do "Good Parts Of Hell"

  • StaR Galaxii 1 months ago

    In Earth, everyone cares about Billy MaysIn Heaven, Billy Mays is not famous anymore

  • Lmao I think Keith would be an excellent singer to be honest 🤣

  • Andaaars 2 years ago

    1:36 if I was the guy next to Billy Mays, I would chop his head off and say: "whoops"

  • DaricDark 2 months ago

    anders helling chop off his head with a pickaxe? How?

  • Eмιℓу Wαиg 3 years ago

    I'm expecting "THE GOOD PARTS OF HELL" now.

  • Just Watching videos 2 months ago

    Was Vince offer supposed to say you are going to love my nuts