How to repair the LCD monitor Philips MWX1220i. White screen, no image.

  • Published on:  2/11/2020
  • Monitor from the dump. How to repair an LCD monitor Philips MWX1220i. White screen, no image. Image Defects on the monitor - Red noise (interference) on a black background. Restoring the matrix flat cable. Replacing capacitors in the monitor. Monitor repair with your own hands at home. DIY

    20PCS 10V1000UF and 16V1000UF 20PCS --
    35V470uF --
    Heat-resistant (capton) adhesive tape --
    Aluminum adhesive tape --
    NC-559 soldering flux --
    RMA-223 soldering flux --

    Soldering station + soldering Iron --
    Scalpel + 9 blades --
    The scalpel is GREAT! in a box --

    Sidewalls --

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