Save Me LolliePop -I Fell In Love With My BestFriend-

  • Published on:  2/24/2017
  • Hi guys sorry for not uploading for a while i have been very busy please forgive me and thank you for all the support and just so you guys know I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO SO PLEASE DONT GIVE ME COPY RIGHT thanks

    okay lets talk about the anime sadly theres only 1 season hopefully they make another one if you havent seen it before go check it out

    season: 1
    episode 9:
    song (nightcore):
    original song:
    Artist Jason Chen

    Thanks guys for watching hope you enjoyed it and if the owners want me to take down the video PM me on google hang outs and ill take it down straight away thanks :3

    google hang outs account ADD ME!!: Extream- AMV
    if you guys have any ideas for a amv message me and ill give you a shout out or if you just want to talk thanks