You won't believe who wins Mario Cart! - Cyanide & Happiness - Drawing a Blank Ep. 20

  • Published on:  4/30/2019
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  • Simply_Dan
    Simply_Dan 3 months ago+52

    I think you should feed Kris more often , he looks kinda skinny

  • It’sYoungAlex :o
    It’sYoungAlex :o 3 months ago+13

    I love you vids,keep them coming bros🔥💯👍❤️

  • Jamvo Enaje
    Jamvo Enaje 3 months ago+3

    No one :
    Kris & Rob : What if I don't eat

  • Vivid killracker
    Vivid killracker 3 months ago+5

    Love you guys this is the funniest shit

  • SuperTruffels
    SuperTruffels 3 months ago+2

    What's with all the negative comments. I enjoyed this vid

  • FakeGlaring
    FakeGlaring 3 months ago+5

    I just realised Kris and Rob were skeletons 😂

  • YaBoi Javier
    YaBoi Javier 3 months ago+3

    Your videos are insane funny

  • samurai2871
    samurai2871 3 months ago+4

    That lion looks like a bear with an Afro.
    Totally something you’d see in a circus.

  • Harry Ogston
    Harry Ogston 3 months ago+1

    game idea each take turns drawing one inch of line but must only draw one inch in one line without talking to eachother

  • PhilK
    PhilK 3 months ago+1

    Dave I like your action panels😟

  • Skitter GD
    Skitter GD 3 months ago+1

    HELLO muscles 0:03

  • Shavonda Vance
    Shavonda Vance 3 months ago+1

    The photo alone for this video is absolutely guys are great! Luv cyanide &happiness🤗

  • Roguemaster
    Roguemaster 3 months ago+2

    I never make it to a live stream and so I never get to request an assless chap wearing assless chaps. one day though.... one day.

  • Mr. E B
    Mr. E B 3 months ago+2

    Not first

  • sacredmage 58
    sacredmage 58 3 months ago+1

    i like that one comic strip;dad;son stop playing with your food;son; why dad;dad; now eat;eats nintendo

  • Rahëëm
    Rahëëm 3 months ago+1

    Never been this early lol

  • Lukas Dizdarevic
    Lukas Dizdarevic 3 months ago+2

    One of the first

  • Kat Thompson
    Kat Thompson 2 months ago

    Iv e been trying to outblink Dave

  • Janusz
    Janusz 3 months ago+2


  • Ricky Salinas
    Ricky Salinas 3 months ago

    I was gonna say Circus Berzerkin's for the title on the circus comic to keep with the -in's trend