Sugar Cured BBQ Ribs Recipe! | Trader Vic's Lost Recipe | Ballistic BBQ | The Hula Girls

  • Published on:  3/21/2021
  • Trader Vic's Sugar Cured BBQ Ribs were featured on the menu of the legendary Tiki Bar / Restaurant, Trader Vic's. In this video, I collaborate with my buddy, "Spike" of the Hula Girls band and YouTube Channel where spike recreates legendary tiki drinks! Spikes Video:
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    The music used in this video: 87550108: Hawaiian Love Story, 2485259: Hawaiian Lullaby, 836516: Hawaiian Moonlight, 39262606: Hawaiian Beach, and 10807477: Pretty Hawaiian Dress Steel Guitar were obtained through I PURCHASED THE LICENSING RIGHTS to use these songs in this video.

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