Pregnancy Q&A | GRWM

  • Published on:  6/26/2020
  • Questions and time stamps are in the description bellow.
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    Our Fertility Journey:


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    03:55 - Have you chosen a baby name?
    06:13 - Have you felt a little kick?
    07:07 - Is this my mom's first grandchild?
    08:10 - Did you start gardening to help with fertility?
    09:29 - What is your weirdest craving?
    11:23 - So far, what is your favorite thing about being pregnant?
    12:16 - What was your diagnosis, why were you unable to get pregnant?
    12:55 - Why did you stop filming on your makeup channel?
    15:24 - What language will be spoken to your baby?
    16:44 - Do you have any stretch marks, and how are you dealing with it?
    18:00 - Are you worried about your body changing after pregnancy?
    18:35 - Would you get an epidural?
    18:50 - Morning Sickness, what helps?
    19:22 - Did you feel pregnant before it was confirmed?
    20:00 - Is being pregnant scary?
    21:45 - What's one thing you hope to pass onto your son?
    22:30 - Are you planning the kids room already?
    23:20 - Will you record your labor?
    23:45 - What gender would you like to have next?
    24:18 - What was the most unexpected symptom?
    25:27 - What's one thing you can't wait to do with your baby boy?
    26:14 - Are there any scents that you can't stand anymore?
    27:00 - Was IVF painfull?
    27:26 - How do you picture his personality?
    28:00 - Does breast feeding with implants freak you out?
    28:33 - Do you know your birth date?
    29:10 - Has exercising been more difficult?
    30:10 - Are you planning a baby shower?
    31:30 - How do you think your dogs will react?
    32:19 - Are you experiencing vivid dreams?
    35:13 - How far apart in age age do you want your kids?
    36:42 - Are you going to have a doula?
    38:30 - Do you have any pregnancy insomnia?
    39:06 - How did you find out about the gender?
    41:00 - Are you going to do a nursery reveal?
    41:33 - Can you do a hospital bag video?
    42:00 - Do you wave advice for my first round IVF?


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