Cheesecake Factory has 9 NEW ITEMS! - My Honest Review...

  • Published on:  3/27/2021
  • ok so The Cheesecake Factory has released 9 NEW meals and entrees to their menu! i got almost all of them and this is my honest #review! and please let me know in the comments which NEW #Food items you want me to try!

    so from #TheCheesecakeFactory i tried the Sweet Potato Enchiladas, cauliflower tacos, pan roasted chicken, french dip cheeseburger, and the korean fried chicken! they also have the baked rigatoni, Carolina Grilled Salmon, Classic Italian Trio, and the Caramel Apple Pancakes but i couldn't try those menu items! so out of all the new items my least favorite was the pan roasted chicken! it was still great but just very simple! it had that classic roasted chicken flavor and the mashed potatoes were simple as well!

    i really loved the Korean fried chicken! it was sweet and spicy and tasted a lot like a poke bowl! cheesecake factory did THAT! the french dip cheeseburger was also INCREDIBLE and so flavorful! i also really liked the sweet potato enchiladas and the cauliflower tacos! overall i loved cheesecake factory's new menu items! Please let me know what other new restaurant menu items or restaurants you guys would like me to review in the comments below! Thank you for watching!