Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

  • Published on:  2/18/2019
  • Actor, comedian and physician Ken Jeong uses the power of Twitter to answer even more common medical questions. Will you get the flu from a flu shot? Can stress make you sick? What IS E. Coli?Ken's comedy special, "You Complete Me, Ho" is streaming on NETFLIX now.Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Here you can find your favorite WIRED shows and new episodes of our latest hit series Masterminds.ABOUT WIREDWIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture.Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


  • Lili Angel 2 months ago

    He's like da gordon ramsay in medical field

  • Nicole Li 2 days ago

    Lili Angel but he’s again unlike Gordon Ramsey

  • True tho

  • Emma Ocarroll 2 months ago

    He’s so smart but so stupid at the same time it’s hilarious

  • allah snackbar 23 hours ago

    he's asian, he cant be stupid

  • Wack Mack 10 days ago


  • Rafa Rafi and Rasya 26 days ago

    Asian kids issue; "Dad, I want to be an actor and a comedian!""Ok son.. but first you have to be a Doctor!"BAM!!

  • Houria A. Ansari 3 hours ago

    Becomes an Actor , comedian , doctor , *and a Instagram model*

  • Idk Wtvr 1 months ago

    Ken Jeong: don’t curse in your tweetsAlso Ken Jeong: *curses nonstop throughout the video*

  • Bunny EE RABBIT 21 4 hours ago

    That’s why he’s awesome

  • DJ ChrisJ 2 days ago

    "It does you no mothurfuckin good! 😃" - Ken Jeong

  • Pastel Indians 2 months ago

    "I'm more of a left atrium gal myself"

  • Matija Starčević 7 hours ago

    @the anime guy my name is ninoooo

  • the anime guy 2 days ago

    Wait is this Gordon Ramsay kitchen nightmare reference

  • Zach Ridge 2 months ago

    Son:dad can I be an actorDad:no doctorSon:

  • SisterASM 16 days ago

    iiSinto my parents are Asian and they let me be anything

  • Puppy Lover 1 months ago

    “I don’t know, are you French kissing someone’s lung?” I died. 😂😂😂😂

  • Galaxy Gacha :33 3 days ago

    Panic!AtThetwentyøneFallOutRomancesAtThe Disco TeLl Me WhEre It Is.

  • Read the lung ficIt’ll ruin everything

  • Cipurp Ash 1 months ago

    "Are you French kissing somebody's lungs" lmao

  • Sheilla Mae :D 16 days ago

    666th like

  • Fares MOUSSA 18 days ago


  • Anne Tan 27 days ago

    1:54*mocks question* “aW eE eE Aw EE Ee”“That’s actually.. a very nice question”😂😂😂

  • Oh Yeah Yeah 18 days ago

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  • big gay 3 days ago

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