12 Worst Wedding Dresses in the World

  • Published on:  7/7/2020
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    Society tends to believe a magnificent wedding, prince Charming and a snow-white dress is something every girl dreams of. This, of course, is not entirely true. Not everyone wants a traditional wedding, and some prefer ripped jeans to a white dress with a long train. Although the classic bride’s image is very persistent in popular culture, there will always be people who have a different idea of a wedding. Today we will tell you about several bold wedding dresses, which not everyone would appreciate.

    00:00 - Welcome!
    00:33 - "Naked" dress
    01:45 - Killer dress
    03:02 - Disney Dress
    03:56 - Pearls and crystals
    05:09 - Flower dress
    05:52 - Colorful dress
    07:08 - Barbie dress
    07:45 - Dress from a movie
    09:16 - Snow Queen’s dress
    09:57 - Green dress
    10:59 - A royal gown
    11:32 - Mass-market dress