BEDS दुनिया में कहीं भी सबसे सस्ता अब डिलीवरी लागत कम | MOD BEDS HEAD & FOOT | INDIA DELIVERY

  • Published on:  7/12/2020
  • With time beds have changed and its either the royal carving beds sell or something which is mod and stylish.
    Genreally pride owners keep both in their rooms as per the design .In this video we are going to around 6 beds out of 200 designs, but if you have a design in mind then you can get it made.
    Royal beds mean more than.just beds for a stylish and comfortable bed room. Carved wood and polished planks are symbols of elegance and richness.
    An elegantly carved bed becomes a highly expensive furniture piece when it goes thru a cycle of various buyers but Ajai Timber Pvt Ltd makes it affordable for the people living anywhere in India. Order for head and foot board to enjoy the workmanship. Also people keen to take this an oppetunity to start a business can contact them.
    Location -Ajai Timber Pvt Ltd, B-66 Lakkad Mandi, Kiriti Nagar.

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    You can google Ajai timber or call.on the number 9074606060

    Picture on display is just for visual reference viewers descrition advised.

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