GTA5 - Giant Air Plane "Emergency Landing" on Highway -- Two Engines Failed -- (This is GTA5 game)

  • Published on:  2/8/2019
  • Hello welcome to my gaming channel. Please turn on Subtitles/CC for context and educational value about this video
    Below Here is the more context and educational value about the video in the detailed description...
    You are watching this video of GTA 5 game in which a plane landed on a
    highway due to two failed engines.
    As you already know this is a game.
    This video is recorded by me while playing GTA 5(grand theft auto 5) and it is highly edited content
    As some of you have already watched my previous videos as they are all mostly from GTA 5 as mentioned in the title.
    GTA 5 is much popular game as most of people already known
    if you still don't know the game then please search for it.

    Now i tell you how i created this video:

    I recorded different scenes by playing GTA 5 myself . As all the scenes are
    scripted. these scenes are edited in the rockstar editor for different angles
    of views... then i compile those scenes in a simple editor
    to make a single video as a short film...
    the recorder i used is ACTION.

    Credit to 405(film):

    I actually tried to recreate 405(film) which is directed by Bruce Branit and Jeremy Hunt in 2000.
    But i recreate it in GTA 5 (game).
    My idea and script of making this video is a lot different as you can differentiate by watching both videos.

    405(film) :

    Purpose of making this video:

    I am making these videos because i love to do these kind of things in the games...
    Purpose for these videos is just fun and entertainment
    I know what i am doing can not be happen in real life so that's why i am
    doing this in game.
    i didn't copy a single second of video content and not compiled with my video rather i recorded different scenes and highly edited in the way that it looks so unique
    i tried to make this video like short film
    you guys can assume this video from a flight simulation if you don't know about the game(grand theft auto).

    This is the whole story and script of the video:

    I spawned a plane in gta 5 (boeing 747-8i) then i takeoff two planes from
    different runways at the same time side by side in the same direction
    Then i landed a plane (airbus a380) on taxiway ..
    Then one of plane that took off goes straight and 747 with basic livery turns towards the city.
    Unfortunately a helicopter comes in the way of 747 and crashed into engine of 747...
    Then one of four engines failed the pilot got confused and rushed towards the buildings luckily pilot become successful in saving the plane from crashing to the buildings
    Suddenly one more engine failed and pilot lose the control and decided to
    land on sandy shores airport....
    Unfortunately the airport was too busy as pilot couldn't land on the airport
    and go straight.
    Now the pilot decided to land on the highway because there is no choice for pilot because the plane could crash ...
    at least pilot become successful in landing the plane on highway...
    now the situation is.... a white truck comes in front of plane and front gear of plane fall in the backside of truck as truck becomes front gear for 747....
    Luckily plane stop on the highway successfully
    ambulance and firefighters comes to help in the end.


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    hey beautiful people,
    I made this video just for entertainment.
    This is a gaming video and i am not promoting any terrorism and please don't understand me wrong.
    so enjoy this video as a game.

    Believe me it took many hours to make this requires a lot of hard work and lot of thinking to make this video...
    it is not that simple to make this video as it looks
    please remember it is a game video not a real life video .

    if you have any further confusions in the video you guys can ask me in the comment section . i already pinned my comment you can reply to my comment too...

    I hope this all is enough context and educational value for the video