Bloopers & Outtakes #4



  • TheSepticGamer West

    When you was eating the gooey biscuit bar you sounded a bit like nugget off kindergarten

  • The Dark Queen
    The Dark Queen yesterday

    *Top in the mornin’ to ya laides! My name is Jacksepticeye! Am i recording..?*
    -Jacksepticeye 😂😂😂😂

  • Fyrebyrd
    Fyrebyrd 2 days ago

    0:49 *Jicksipteckey*
    Are you secretly a New Zealander?

  • Sheila Ok
    Sheila Ok 3 days ago

    Don't give Jack any Jack plus daniels

  • Alana Evensen
    Alana Evensen 4 days ago

    I flipppin love THESE!!

  • santhosh kumar
    santhosh kumar 7 days ago

    0:19 WHERE IS 4 ?

  • santhosh kumar
    santhosh kumar 7 days ago


  • Tyler's Best friend

    “I’m a fish”. LOL

  • Dogo Is cool!
    Dogo Is cool! 8 days ago+1


  • Dogo Is cool!
    Dogo Is cool! 8 days ago+1

    Anti and jack are same people

  • Emily Nitschke
    Emily Nitschke 8 days ago

    *intense lip popping*

  • Braxton Sambrano
    Braxton Sambrano 9 days ago

    Jack saying "gooey biscuit bar" while eating a gooey biscuit bar is the reason I get up in the morning

  • Anime Fan
    Anime Fan 9 days ago

    0:56 I'm eating a gooey biscuit bar

  • Eyob Walid
    Eyob Walid 10 days ago

    Dude his hair looks blue in that lighting!

  • JJ crazy
    JJ crazy 10 days ago

    0:50 when my friend abi tryed to say jacksepticeye O_O

  • gloomy wolf
    gloomy wolf 12 days ago

    Nice video I love this series😁

  • Cailin Paris
    Cailin Paris 12 days ago

    I've watched these so many times that 50% of the time I'm now paying more attention to the music than him. Seriously, where can I find the music?

  • Orange Fudge Likes to draw

    Jack your too weird XD

  • random videos
    random videos 14 days ago+1

    Hmmm jiksepticeeeee!

  • Dried Kale
    Dried Kale 15 days ago

    1/2 this video is Jack popping with his mouth