• Published on:  10/17/2019
  • Tamales! Tamales! This is your detailed step by step recipe. I walk you through the process of making tamales in a Mexican home. Tamales are a corn masa (Dough) that is spread on a soft corn husk and filled with your choice of protein and traditional fillings. Once the Tamales are steamed get ready to unfold into a warm soft flavor combination that will bring comfort food to another level of deliciousness. Make sure to discard the corn husk after consuming it. I hope you enjoy the views family take on tamales. I always recommend making it comfortable for your home. Lots of love, Stephanie, Cloud, and the views family.

    Cook time for shredded beef 2 1/2- 3 Hours
    *You can substitute the protein of choice: for chicken the cooking time will be 45 min. If using pork butt cook for 2 1/2 Hours*
    Cook time for tamales 1 Hour
    Prep time will depend on your level of cooking
    This recipe will yield 2+ Dozens of Tamales
    The beef in this recipe can be substituted for your favorite protein such as pork or chicken
    Soak Corn Husks (Timestamp 2:00)
    24-Corn Husks / Hoja Enchochada - 45 min to 1 hour
    Enough water warm water to cover and soak leaves

    Shredded Beef (Timestamp 5:01)
    Enough water to cover your Beef/ Protein
    20- Chiles Guajillos (Make sure to take the seeds out) Generally, Guajillos are not spicy, it's to add flavor.
    4- Pounds of Chuck Roast / Diezmillo en trozo or you can use pieces of Chuck Steak
    1- Tablespoon of Chicken Bouillon Or Salt to taste ( add as needed, remember to start small)
    1/2- Large White/ Yellow Onion or (2 Medium Onion)
    1- Whole Garlic

    *Remember to set aside:
    3-4 cups of beef broth we will need the broth to season the chile sauce for the beef filling.
    All the Boiled Chiles
    The whole garlic
    Cook time for the beef: 2 1/2 Hours
    *3 Hours cook time will give the best result for tender fall of the fork
    *Make sure to shred the beef as soon as it's done. If you leave it for later and it gets cold and difficult to shred.
    *Your beef filling is now ready to be used or you can refrigerate the sauce filling and continue the next day. Just make sure to warm(not boiling) it up before you begin to fill your tamales.
    *The filling will keep in the refrigerator 3-5 Days (Do not add the onions when refrigerating or to the filling)
    *If freezing, please ensure the filling has cooled to room temperature before freezing.
    *The filling will last 3-4 months in the freezer

    Making the Tamales Red Chile Sauce Shredded Beef filling (Time frame 7:04)
    4-Pounds of Shredded Beef
    20- Boiled Guajillo Chiles
    1- Boiled Whole Garlic (*saved from previous shredded beef)
    2- Cups of Beef Broth + 1 Cup for the cooking process (you set this aside earlier)
    1/2- Tablespoon Chicken bouillon or Salt (Make sure to adjust to taste)

    Cook time 5-8 Minutes
    Blend ingredients with 2 Cups of Broth
    Make sure you have enough broth in the sauce to keep the shredded beef from drying though the process. (Timestamp 9:17)
    *SAVE 1 CUP of Blended sauce to add the flavor to our Red Chili Masa*

    Red Chile Masa (Timestamp 12:07)
    2-Pounds of unprepared masa/ Masa para Tamales
    1- Cup Lard or Shortening
    1-Cup Red Chile Sauce
    *adjust chicken bouillon or salt to taste (TIP! Timestamp 26:26)
    -Filling ingredients ((Time frame 34:32)
    Red Chile shredded beef
    1-Anaheim Pepper
    24- Green Olives (I recommend pitted if little ones will be eating tamales)
    *Slice potato and Anaheim pepper thin so it doesn’t poke out of your tamales
    --How to prep your pot for steaming tamales (Timestamp 29:34)
    Spreading and filing tamales begins at (Timestamp 35:31)
    *The amount of Red Chile Masa in your tamales will vary on the corn husk. 4 Tablespoons is a good start and adjust as needed

    Please come back and let me know how this recipe turns out for you.
    How to make Authentic Corn Tamales
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