Kidzbopify It Again! (YIAY #443)

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • 8111y
    8111y 11 months ago+1383

    Republicans are Red
    Democrats are Blue
    If I Nuke North Korea
    What Could They Do? #YIAYTrump

  • Spongebob Sucks
    Spongebob Sucks 11 months ago+381

    My favorite Kidz Bop edit is when they changed Taylor Swift's Love Story lyrics from "we keep quiet, cuz we're dead if they knew" to "we keep quiet, cuz we're in trouble if they knew".

  • Bouncehouses
    Bouncehouses 11 months ago+615

    #YIAYTrump “I did not have sexual relations with that man”

  • In The Furnace
    In The Furnace 1 months ago+89

    joke's on you Jack, Kidz Bop did cover that Post Malone song on the next release 😂

  • TheGoneBot
    TheGoneBot 11 months ago+495

    #YIAYtrump RIP xxxtentacion, SAD!

  • maya yaser
    maya yaser 11 months ago+2363

    Oh wait I forgot normal yiay existed

  • Alexis R
    Alexis R 11 months ago+104

    #YIAYTrump "Don't worry North Carolina, I've got paper towels"

  • DS Clan
    DS Clan 11 months ago+113

    I'm banning YIAY live n the U.S

  • Emily Bairos
    Emily Bairos 10 months ago+63

    #YIAYTrump I just got a new fortnite account called TheREALDonaldTrump, dont @ me

  • Edward Alva
    Edward Alva 11 months ago+53

    Hardcore hentai is now legal!

  • maggie
    maggie 11 months ago+505

    #YIAYtrump Alexa, search the web for Hillary-Trump fan fiction
    Wait no Alexa how do I delete a tweet

  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof 7 months ago+16

    For Kidz Bop

  • TechniGirl
    TechniGirl 10 months ago+17

    Fortnite is good, you can build your own massive walls!

  • Snekcharmer
    Snekcharmer 10 months ago+9

    Bulls on Parade 'KidzBop' Version :
    Runin' around the beach , with a pocket full of seashells

  • kimono furry
    kimono furry 11 months ago+8

    #YIAYtrump "we are officially banning clapping when planes land"

  • Nico Robin
    Nico Robin 11 months ago+236

    When are you and Erin gonna bop out some kids?

  • Life and lemons
    Life and lemons 11 months ago+11

    #YIAYTRUMP I took a DNA test found out I'm Mexican .

  • Jasper Playz
    Jasper Playz 10 months ago+10

    5:22 Why doesn't my adblocker work?

  • Diego Lucano
    Diego Lucano 11 months ago+7

    #YIAYTrump Jacksfilms is my least favorite channel in fact i dont watch it at all. Especially the songs that he does. They get stuck in my head all the time. I’ve never watched Jacksfilms in my life.

  • Courtney Kurzynske
    Courtney Kurzynske 11 months ago+7

    @2:15 he said damn instead of darn how dare he