Kidzbopify It Again! (YIAY #443)

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • 8111y 10 months ago

    Republicans are RedDemocrats are BlueIf I Nuke North KoreaWhat Could They Do? #YIAYTrump

  • ChipTheDragon 2 months ago

    8111y make more anime

  • CloudKid22 3 months ago


  • Spongebob Sucks 10 months ago

    My favorite Kidz Bop edit is when they changed Taylor Swift's Love Story lyrics from "we keep quiet, cuz we're dead if they knew" to "we keep quiet, cuz we're in trouble if they knew".

  • Gracie Norris yesterday

    Spongebob Sucks i was going to like your comment but then i saw your name....SCREW YOOOOOOOU!

  • JaconatorLS 15 days ago

    yeah but that is an actually good edit

  • Bouncehouses 10 months ago

    #YIAYTrump “I did not have sexual relations with that man”

  • Bouncehouses 8 months ago

    @Brodie 09 Link?

  • TheGoneBot 10 months ago

    #YIAYtrump RIP xxxtentacion, SAD!

  • Juan Villasmil 17 days ago

    @oscar m. but he helped children in the helpinghandchallenge and helped many other people with depression and different problems with his songs

  • In The Furnace 19 days ago

    joke's on you Jack, Kidz Bop did cover that Post Malone song on the next release 😂

  • In The Furnace 17 days ago

    @Flame Warp "Thinking heavy and I'm tryna forgetBut I can't get this stuff out of my head"pretty clever tbh

  • Flame Warp 17 days ago

    How did they change it?

  • maya yaser 10 months ago

    Oh wait I forgot normal yiay existed

  • Evil Duck 5 months ago

    All y’all so impatient with jack, damn he was just excited about yiay live he can do whatever the hell he wants to.

  • raf4762 9 months ago

    maya yaser fluff you

  • Alexis R 10 months ago

    #YIAYTrump "Don't worry North Carolina, I've got paper towels"

  • cuppy cupcakd 18 days ago

    Lol no we good

  • Alexpooper112 Pooper 8 months ago

    Country road!!!!!!

  • DoubleStuff 10 months ago

    #YIAYtrumpI'm banning YIAY live n the U.S

  • cuppy cupcakd 18 days ago


  • LooneyBoyGamer 10 months ago

    That would make him likeable

  • Emily Bairos 9 months ago

    #YIAYTrump I just got a new fortnite account called TheREALDonaldTrump, dont @ me

  • Hannahk Smith 9 months ago


  • Edward Alva 10 months ago

    Hardcore hentai is now legal!#YIAYtrump