before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
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  • Fmannen93
    Fmannen93 3 hours ago+1

    0:39. Smoke on the Water. Well played.

  • KU MI
    KU MI 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought, he might have a little "edema"

  • Troilus Maximus
    Troilus Maximus 19 hours ago

    0:07 missed an opportunity to say "if I'm feeling a bit basic"

  • makfaan
    makfaan yesterday


  • Barbara Curiel
    Barbara Curiel yesterday

    Man, that water looks clean

  • skylandersackgirl 9001

    Ok, I've watched all 95 skits... What do I do now?

  • Piyush Kathuria
    Piyush Kathuria yesterday

    His voice doesn't match his face

  • self disgusted
    self disgusted yesterday

    i only drink H2hoes. water for thots

  • Cheers2Moon
    Cheers2Moon yesterday

    This has way too many views so I feel like I am missing something greator

  • ChillerT 087
    ChillerT 087 yesterday

    This one had me in stitches xD

  • readerrabbit6690
    readerrabbit6690 yesterday

    Damn bro you've got a boss ass voice

  • True Randomizer
    True Randomizer yesterday

    I’m not sure why but I’m pissed off now but still want to watch more of his videos

  • PhatClowns
    PhatClowns yesterday

    r/coffee in a nutshell

  • an idiot
    an idiot 2 days ago

    *camera intensifies*

  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez 2 days ago

    I am going to memorize this monologue.

  • Ryan Ehresman
    Ryan Ehresman 2 days ago

    I found the water part relatable

  • Katalyst
    Katalyst 2 days ago+1

    Dang flapjack u ant Disco Wonder Brothers usage bing waads I kink stain ah..t spack angle ish ieess kitkatkayss Nat understandup iss hard 😭😭😭

  • Katalyst
    Katalyst 2 days ago+1

    Let's argue does water have a flavor?

  • __ __
    __ __ 2 days ago

    Bear Grills drinks his own that please!

  • Big Denny
    Big Denny 2 days ago

    This is brilliant! You've changed my entire perspective on the world!