Walking with people that got longer legs than you.

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
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  • Morpho Menelaus 10 days ago

    Make a sequel, “Walking with people that got shorter legs than you.”

  • Imaproshaman yesterday


  • TLS _ Dregonoid yesterday

    thats basically the other person's perspectiveso thats also in this video

  • Eseroghene Omene 9 days ago

    “Hold up there’s a private jet in my way. *MOOOOVE* “ 😂😂😂

  • Moody Bear 17 hours ago

    @Abdullah Karim Yeah man y you gotta kill some fun times

  • IMRIKI 20 hours ago

    Abdullah Karim why u gotta kill the joke...

  • Most Valuable Pig 9 days ago

    "I can't move that fast!"Your delivery on this line, is golden.

  • [GOLD] Edit Ninja 6 days ago

    here at 666 likes

  • BlackTop 8 days ago

    ikr the difference between other skit channels and Caleb is his delivery.. it just makes up for his poor production value.. his editing is good too..

  • Future Widow 9 days ago

    “I thought you were right behind me.” “ *B..BEHIND YOU?!?*I was *NEVER* behind you” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • DrkBLADExx 3 days ago

    When yo boy is low key the kid flash lol

  • neegas 4 days ago


  • Black Lionhearts 9 days ago

    Your speed is tremendous Your hits are astounding I'm trying so hard not to hit you it's astonishing I Am perplexed

  • Yo JoJo 2 days ago

    Your stupidity contagious

  • Innernut Boy 10 days ago

    *”YoUr SpEeD iS TrEmEnDoUs”* 🤣😂

  • Legacy Rxzor 9 days ago

    Me: Walking to the storeTall ass friend: *I'm about to end this mans whole career.*

  • Mobile Guy yesterday

    fat squidward MY GAWD!! I'M SO DUMB. my bad, I read "my" as me. aight nvm then. musta been up at 3am typin that.

  • 1nsane Soul yesterday


  • Keyshon Glover 8 days ago

    Got that Hunter X Hunter first examiner speed 😂

  • MR.WHITE mahantspTM 22 hours ago

    Yo where's my skateboard for that

  • Itz Calnix 3 days ago

    thanks for 5 likes guys I appreciate it!

  • TWO PAC 8 days ago

    Disadvantages of having long legs • I can’t drive small cars like bmws • your legs always blocking the way

  • Kaizo yesterday

    shalom Cameron “lags”

  • shalom Cameron 2 days ago

    You don't need a car when you have long lags

  • MegaSpitfire14 9 days ago

    "B-Behind you?! I was never behind you!" I forgot what this video's title was when he started teleporting. 😂

  • Hassan Ansar 4 days ago

    He was just walking