Poo Bear ft. Justin Bieber & Jay Electronica - Hard 2 Face Reality (Lyric Video)

  • Published on:  4/5/2018
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  • Hannah Stocking
    Hannah Stocking  a years ago+95331

    I’ve been waiting for you all to see this project!! I hope you love it!!! Thank you Poo Bear, Justin Bieber and Jay Electronica for letting me create this for you!!

  • Logine Cutie
    Logine Cutie 1 months ago+4571

    Hannah: tries to look ugly, still looks beautiful.....
    Me: tries to look beautiful, still looks ugly

    HX GAMING 14 days ago+1990

    Who else is listening to this in August 2019?

  • your moms man
    your moms man 14 days ago+1060

    Watching in august squad
    smash the like button bellow in the FACE

  • Parth Choudhary
    Parth Choudhary 14 days ago+617

    People - i broke up with someone, I'll listen to this song
    Me - bruh this is a good song

  • Lena mk Lenny
    Lena mk Lenny 21 days ago+1094

    Who is listening it in September,2019??
    Smash the like button

  • Victoria Arce
    Victoria Arce 7 days ago+250

    her: spilled drink on him
    Him: gets mad at her
    Me: boi u better not get mad at that shirt was only 1.99 and it didn't even look good on you.

  • perryvaaalt
    perryvaaalt 21 days ago+341

    August 2019 no? Just me?

  • Kawaiigingerkitten
    Kawaiigingerkitten 3 days ago+64

    He acting like that’s a New Gucci shirt she spilt water on 😂

  • Luna .S
    Luna .S 5 days ago+68

    The first dude looks mentally ill…
    Lele and Inanna make the vid funny 😂

  • Katie Sksksk
    Katie Sksksk a years ago+15530

    The end where Inanna and Lele spat their drinks at him 😂😂

  • Jasmine Daya
    Jasmine Daya 4 days ago+13

    Omg I cannot explain how much I love this if I saw my friend get cheated on I would slap him and spit in his face 😂

  • Blink_pink 22
    Blink_pink 22 14 days ago+99

    I miss this like innana,lele, and Hannah together I miss them together

  • Mia Wolf
    Mia Wolf 7 days ago+112

    Famous ppl: "Omg I'm so ugly", but are actually gorgeous
    Me: "Omg I'm so ugly and fat", and I'm saying the truth

  • Nahar jerin
    Nahar jerin 14 days ago+90

    Who is watching this in August 2019????😍😍😍(^ω^)

  • Alison Velasquez
    Alison Velasquez 2 months ago+2482

    My favorite part is when Lele spits on him like he deserve that
    Like if u agree

  • Ivona_06 Trifonova
    Ivona_06 Trifonova 2 days ago+5

    First - Michael is not ,,Wacko,,
    Second- New king of pop never will have

  • Bridget Sharona Barendregt

    Jupp still watching this.
    But you guys are just made to echother 💕


    Cat: Meow
    Dog: Woof
    Horse: Neigh
    Duck: Quack
    Pig: Oink
    Frog: Ribbit
    Idiots: 2019 anyone?

  • Alana Patangata
    Alana Patangata 21 days ago+54

    When Hannah left her glasses on the table then Twan goes and give them to Hannah and Inana in the backround LMAOOOOO