Merrell Twins Exposed ep.7 - The New Boss

  • Published on:  6/19/2018
  • Here’s another episode of Merrell Twins Exposed! Our new boss is not what we expected... and Carol has a brother?! Subscribe & Turn on Notifications: NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY! Check Out Our Other Videos:TRYING FILIPINO SNACKS THIS TO YOUR CRUSH WITH NO CONTEXT DISNEY PRINCESSES WERE YOUTUBERS GIRLS TELL to our OTHER CHANNELS!!!!!MERRELL TWINS LIVE MERRELL Merrell Twins Merch: @merrelltwinsTWITTER: TwinsVeronica MerrellVanessa Merrell


  • Gamal Alsaidi
    Gamal Alsaidi a years ago+848


  • Chanelle Kumar
    Chanelle Kumar 3 months ago+43

    Child: Screams at everyone
    Helen: He’s my spirit Animal XD

  • MamaPiggy TPPCM
    MamaPiggy TPPCM 10 months ago+265

    Paul always has his hat and glasses on. 👓 🧢
    Even when he’s sleeping.

  • sarah joo
    sarah joo 11 months ago+258

    Did anyone else notice the yellow flowers in most of the interviews?

  • Hope Rhinehardt
    Hope Rhinehardt 4 months ago+59

    Roni: why would there parents name them carol and Carl? I can’t tell them apart!
    Me: Your an identical twin.....😂

  • Sia Desai
    Sia Desai 11 months ago+349

    When Vanessa was wearing that outfit by “Carl” she didn’t look bad. The Merrell twins look great in everything

  • GachaGal YT
    GachaGal YT a years ago+90

    8:25 😱😱😱 she smiled, did not see that coming!

  • Diem Phuong
    Diem Phuong a years ago+143

    This reminds me of the kardashion but clean version

  • Sara Omar
    Sara Omar 10 months ago+42

    “he’s my spirit animal...”
    “well, it was fun while it lasted...”
    Oh my god Helen is MY spirit animal

  • GachaGal YT
    GachaGal YT a years ago+80

    WHERES MY COFFEE???!!!! 8:28
    8:35 Here's you hot chocolate!

  • Cady
    Cady a years ago+94

    Honestly Carl fangirling is me all the time 😂👌🤷‍♀️

  • Lizzie Ashtonx
    Lizzie Ashtonx 9 months ago+27

    Carl’s sass at 4:56 lmao I can’t deal

  • veny 101
    veny 101 a years ago+113

    i rather watch this then the kardashians

  • SnowBarry SnowBarry a years ago+28

    I wish I was Nathen (Nathan).
    Blows out birthday candles.
    Nothing happens.
    Cries in the corner.

  • Dakshina Shrestha
    Dakshina Shrestha a years ago+159

    Carol sounds so positive when she says I admire this kid ,he has potential 😊❤️

  • Nicole Mansur
    Nicole Mansur 8 months ago+16

    Helen:"he's my spirit animal"

  • Isabella Tiliaveridis
    Isabella Tiliaveridis 8 months ago+49

    Isaac: This tiny man walked in the way he said it omg

  • Ella Zehrung
    Ella Zehrung 8 months ago+30

    Nathan's acting 👌🏼 love that for him ♥️😋😂👌🏼🤞🏼

  • Sara Belle
    Sara Belle a years ago+231

    I love you never stop making videos. Please
    I can't live these Tuesdays without you

  • Natalie Hernandez
    Natalie Hernandez 8 months ago+31

    My older brother name Is Nathan and my little brothers name is Isaac what a coincidence lol