[BANGTAN BOMB] '풍경' Special LIVE - BTS (방탄소년단)

  • Published on:  8/12/2019
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  • Kookiejams6
    Kookiejams6 7 days ago+420

    Jungkook trying to make his voice deep then Tae starts singing MELTS MY HEART

  • moon is coming
    moon is coming 7 days ago+225

    I feel Bad for other groups coz they don't have taehyung.

  • moon is coming
    moon is coming 7 days ago+253

    This video still trending Worldwide, Taehyung's voice is so beautiful.

  • Noor Razzaq
    Noor Razzaq 7 days ago+168

    Im in love with taes voice 💜 thank you universe for giving us bts

  • Zara Zoya
    Zara Zoya 7 days ago+1819

    Do you love V singing ?❤
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    Yes = comment

  • crystal xx
    crystal xx 3 days ago+31

    His voice is my favourite, sooooo beautiful and unique!!!

  • niram sila
    niram sila 7 days ago+147

    After 2 days, and it's still trending in the US. The power of Kim Taehyung.

  • Dannarity 21
    Dannarity 21 7 days ago+63

    I didn't have internet for a few days, seeing this video I feel that I miss you too much, I definitely love you very much, my life is not the same, and nothing better than to see you again with a tae video.
    i purple youuuu

  • Anu
    Anu 7 days ago+56

    Taehyung's angelic voice along with Jungkook's opera PERFECT COMBINATION💜

  • ARMY for lifu
    ARMY for lifu 7 days ago+1441

    Jungkook is my euphoria
    Taehyung is my winter bear
    Jimin is my promise
    J-hope is my daydream
    Suga is my first love
    Jin is my epiphany
    Namjoon is my moon child
    BTS is my heartbeat
    They are the LIGHT of my life
    Love you BTS
    ARMY gonna be by your side forever

  • Taeyeontannie
    Taeyeontannie 7 days ago+27

    OMG! I've never seen Taehyung so close!!! This man is flawless in his looks. His voice and face are like an angel to me. He's the only person on earth that could make up tear up over and over again listening to his songs. Have a great holiday Winter Bear and all BTS boys!

  • Eryn Pingol
    Eryn Pingol 7 days ago+85

    I still wonder, wonder beautiful story~
    Still wonder wonder best part~
    I love you kim taehyung!!!<3<3<3
    And also rest well 방탄~

  • Daniela Chamorro
    Daniela Chamorro 7 days ago+122

    I want a Vkook duet!!
    Ecuadorian Army🇪🇨💕

  • Paola Lopez
    Paola Lopez 7 days ago+28

    When Tae took his airpods off-
    Oof he went in on it😍

  • All Around The Kpop
    All Around The Kpop 7 days ago+2227

    Jungkook is my Euphoria
    Taehyung is my Winter Bear
    Jimin is my promise
    J Hope is my daydream
    Suga is my First Love
    Jin is my Epiphany
    Rap Monster is my Moonchild
    BTS is my Heartbeat
    And they fill my heart with Lights
    Love you BTS

  • S A D S X N . B R O k E N V I B E S

    Jungkook be hitting those low notes, he’s amazing

  • Tasnim Tanjir
    Tasnim Tanjir 5 days ago+11

    Wow taehyung 's voice is like a Angel
    I love u Kim taehyung
    For the test of my life

  • Van Phi Ho
    Van Phi Ho 7 days ago+21

    Taehuyng is an angel <3!!
    He's my life>0

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 7 days ago+18

    I love junkook and Taehyung's hair they look so nice their voice is amazing .