Meek Mill - Championships [Official Audio]



  • Alex Theone 7 months ago

    Meek is for the people. Meek is for the Bosses. Meek is for the culture. Meek is for the Justice. Meek is for the real rap. Meek is for the DREAMCHASERS.

  • G Spizzo 1 months ago

    Been saying that before the drake shyt but nobody wasn’t tryna hear me

  • Devon Caban 1 months ago

    Big fucking facts my nigga 👌💪

  • King Jones 7 months ago

    " Victim to the system like a raindrop in the ocean" "They closing all the schools and all the prisons being opened" 😩😤

  • RN Davis 11 2 months ago

    Thats what I call LOST💯

  • Liam Cameron 3 months ago

    give some credit to kanye he came up with that line 8 years ago

  • OFFICIALSDCH 7 months ago

    hardest track on the album

  • Darren Bridges 17 days ago

    Of his career

  • Nisha Ellis 22 days ago

    Oodle and noodle babies

  • tbg 5 months ago

    It sounds weird when you listening to Meek and then try to go back to some of these new school rappers. Like I am not even the type to bash on new age rappers, but it' just a whole other level. They be sounding like puppies next to him.

  • Foreign Fatigue 3 days ago

    And Meeks a Great Dane

  • K Baynes 5 months ago

    Ode I was thinking the same shit he in a whole different class

  • FreshJ 7 months ago

    Jut wanna say, errybody here on youtube this early are the real meek fans!! #thechasers 🔥

  • Slayton701 6 months ago

    FreshJ G ** Yea. the entertainment world..... ""Hollywood" has removed the gospel of Jesus Christ...... from their entire circle of people... False-hood, Idol worship and lots of folks/Ceo's who have signed over in blood. the Bible lets you know this country will fall with out, morals and sound leadership. Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellers there is safety. proverbs - riches profit not in the day of wrath but righteousness will delivereth fro...

  • Noble Allen 6 months ago

    Real talk!

  • Stephen Morris 7 months ago

    This song literally made me cry, I grew up in the projects about an hour away from where Meek grew up, I can just feel every bit of pain and struggle, people trying to rob you and just do you wrong, cops arresting us and taking our shit, I just got my car impounded in Philly a few weeks back, that shit cost $1,200, they deadass have a racket going on down there! Telling your court appointed lawyer you don't agree with what they're offering you in court, saying to the judge you don't agree with any of t...

  • Jagarvey777 3 months ago

    @Wayne Gates Wayne, you bitch ass nigga! You corny asf for that joke or not!

  • Jagarvey777 3 months ago

    Sorry to hear how they extorted you for that 1200 and you're right! That shit is a racket, it's going on over here in NJ and NYC too! They trying their best to break us, actually they been trying since slavery but as a whole at ain't working cause we I breakable as a whole! Stay strong my guy! We built Ford tough out this bitch!

  • Spanky Tidal 5 months ago

    I know he cried making this song it’s beyond amazing to me

  • philip gray 7 months ago

    Championship song is classic alone..

  • N Jones 5 months ago

    philip gray AGREED

  • lRydeRdiel 7 months ago

    Meek Mill is living proof that losing isnt the end. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep moving forward. I love you guys. Straight blessings to you all. ❤

  • Teflon Don 8 days ago

    time, freedom, justice, a lot more if you’ve listened to his songs in the past..

  • Sam Gonzalez 3 months ago

    what did he loose?

  • Trevohn Mcleish 7 months ago

    God damn give this man album of the year period thats it

  • B-Rai87 6 months ago

    Meek ain't made a come, He been here.

  • Domingo Caba 7 months ago