How to Catch Rockfish and Lingcod - Tips and Techniques

  • Published on:  3/29/2018
  • Some call it deep sea fishing but either way get asked a lot what set ups to use for rockfish and lingcod. So in this Video I go over all the tips and techniques that I use for them. What lures to use for rockfish is touches as well.
    We go over the fishing knots that I use to catch rockfish, and there are links on how to tie those knots specifically. The best for leader connection in my experience has been the alberto or RP knot some call it. No matter what you call it, its tied the same.
    Best rod and reels that are needed to get the job accomplished.
    These rockcod techniques will work everywhere in California and pretty much any location from Mexico to Alaska for both Rockfish and Lingcod. Just keep on moving from spot to spot till you locate the fish.

    0:33 Reel Selection
    3:00 Rod Selection
    4:45 Line Selection
    5:51 Gear Selection
    6:43 Double Dropper Loop Rig
    8:30 Swimbait and Dropper Loop Rig
    9:53 Jig and Dropper Loop Rig

    *** Products in Video ***
    Diawa Lexa 400 -
    Diawa Saltist 30-
    Phenix Inshore Rod -
    Okuma Makaira Rod -
    Leader Line -
    Main Braid Line -

    6 1/2 inch BigHammer Swimbaits -
    1/0 Circle Hooks -

    Other Suggested Gear
    Seigler Reels -
    Shimano Torium -
    Penn Squall -
    Okuma Cortez -
    Accurate reels -