Ohio State vs TCU Football Highlights

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Ohio State comes back from behind to defeat TCU 40-28.


  • Demetrius Evans 9 months ago

    I have to commend the TCU fans. Everywhere I've checked out the comments about the game, you guys have been classy. No whining, hating or excuse making. Props to you! You guys have a great team, and even though Oklahoma is there, I see no reason why TCU cannot run the table and be in the running for a playoff spot. From a Buckeye fan.

  • Zoom Play 9 months ago

    Bro well said! Believe it or not, you made tears came to my eyes! I'm a true TCU fan and I really want them to make the Playoff, Gary Patterson deserve it

  • Dee Hard 9 months ago

    We finally have a REAL QB that can throw with accuracy! OH.......IO!

  • Mrberry11 Gaming sure hope its not a trend, but we'll see. Hill can catch just about anything thrown his way, but Mack can *usually* catch just about anything thrown his way... and then make 5 defenders miss him as he runs it in for a TD. we really need him.

  • Mrberry11 Gaming that's the first bad game he's had in like 2 years, he'll be fine.

  • Will Stolze 9 months ago

    Hey TCU fans, I came into this game expecting us to walk in and walk out with a W. Great game. You guys have a hell of a team, a few more plays/less mistakes and TCU is pulling off an upset. Go Bucks and good luck on your season, BEAT TOM HERMANS ASS

  • Bill Schilling 9 months ago

    I did get tired of the TCU train whistle

  • Bretus buckeye 9 months ago

    Terminate the HERMINATOR!

  • RileyMyles 9 months ago

    This game was amazing, respect to TCU!!! Go Bucks!

  • Alex S. 9 months ago

    I'd rest Bosa next week for sure; hopefully he'll be ready to go in Happy Valley.

  • Go Cavs  8 months ago

    sadly still out sorry rewatching highlights we good though not one can even touch us untill ichigan

  • J Dawg 9 months ago

    This very young Buckeye team is going to be scary come playoff time. Best young talent I've seen on an Urban Meyer team.

  • Dàibhidh Mac Uilium 9 months ago

    Wild game

  • The Sports Man 9 months ago

    Man TCU is fast it's going to be tough game for my Longhorns next week

  • The Sports Man congrats bruh yall are better than before good luck for the rest of the season

  • The Sports Man 9 months ago

    Hook'em Texas pulled it off!!!!!

  • Sandy Nagy 9 months ago

    Go Bucks

  • Charles Bart 9 months ago

    Sandy Nagy yep

  • Bretus buckeye 9 months ago

    TCU....very good team! Good luck the rest of the year!!