Ohio State vs TCU Football Highlights

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Ohio State comes back from behind to defeat TCU 40-28.


  • Sense of Tumor
    Sense of Tumor 1 months ago

    Yea Ohio state has a really tough schedule, Minnesota a real powerhouse, TCU loses to Texas tech, Penn state loses to Michigan state at home and Michigan state lost to Arizona state!! Struggled with Indiana at home, so I ask who has Ohio state beaten?? Bama beat Texas A&M who only lost to Clemson and bama so as of right now bama has a better win than Ohio state

  • thouston7
    thouston7 2 months ago

    1. OSU safties can neither tackle nor defend deep passes (PSU, Are you watching ?).
    2. Haskins will be better than JT Barret.
    3. TCU should never ever attempt a shuffle pass again.

  • Grady Whitman
    Grady Whitman 2 months ago

    To all those who believe the BS rumors that TCU doesn't allow Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian players in the starting line up, please look at #74 at 0:40.

  • Zake Maj
    Zake Maj 2 months ago

    The 77 dislikes are TCU fans... GO BUCKS

  • FanaticModz520
    FanaticModz520 2 months ago

    Ohio is looking pretty beatable huh ; ) WE ARE..

  • Jacob Shifflett
    Jacob Shifflett 2 months ago

    Everyone gonna ignore the fact that harrison #39 linebacker got the jets on TCU 93 yard td.

  • Bill Schilling
    Bill Schilling 2 months ago

    Well now. TCU should not have had that many points. They got away with holding on the long run and 75 other plays. OSU never gets those calls? Also Bucks would have had 3-4 more scores if officials called any of the blatant defensive holding against TCU. Does anyone police these refs?

  • Kylan Hasselbring
    Kylan Hasselbring 2 months ago

    He throwing like jt barett

  • Kylan Hasselbring
    Kylan Hasselbring 2 months ago

    They need faster players on defense

  • justus gatewood
    justus gatewood 2 months ago

    You are right about Tcu because they are good but the other teams you are not

  • Winston C
    Winston C 2 months ago

    Dremont Jones..............................
    Go bucks!

  • Bretus buckeye
    Bretus buckeye 2 months ago+4

    TCU....very good team! Good luck the rest of the year!!

  • Zoom Play
    Zoom Play 2 months ago

    I keep telling everyone TCU is the fastest team in the country! Ohio St got lucky, if it wasn't for those silly mistakes TCU would of won. Ohio St didn't even score a TD in the 1st half. Anyway...... It was a good game from both teams.

  • Sam Fannin
    Sam Fannin 2 months ago+3

    Got em Let’s go Ohio

  • Joe Qin
    Joe Qin 2 months ago+1

    GO Bucks!

  • j smith
    j smith 2 months ago

    I didn’t think tcu was that fast they had speed in spots but overall team speed Campbell left them boys in the dust was pulling away ! That long run tcu had our linebacker wasn’t far behind and he was getting blocked that Reagor wr is a pro at pushing off tcu got saved all night by just chucking the ball up on one on ones

  • j smith
    j smith 2 months ago

    Thought you weren’t allowed to take your helmet off in field ?

  • Corbz 13
    Corbz 13 2 months ago+3


  • Ck Ck
    Ck Ck 2 months ago+2

    Keep going my Ohio boys!! Sending you all the love xoxoxo

  • justus gatewood
    justus gatewood 2 months ago+4

    Ohio state buckeyes are the best college football team ever 😃😃👍👍😎😎👏👏