Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 289 - Jamboree Prep Day (Sky Factory 30)



  • shaaa
    shaaa 7 days ago

    I swear there's something wrong with Geoff's brain. Any other person in the world would try with 3 different fish, before spending 30 minutes needlessly trying to catch three of the same kind of fish.

  • shaaa
    shaaa 7 days ago

    How is Geoff so unobservant?

  • Kalypsia
    Kalypsia 13 days ago

    Ok but seriously what was that guy that jumped in the portal???

  • Okami Ao
    Okami Ao 14 days ago

    People going on in other videos about how they feel bad for Geoff being messed with by Ryan and Jeremy need to remember Geoff messes with them too and everyone else. I don't feel bad for him. I get how these guys work because my friends and i screw with each other all the time. If it got to be a problem, it would be said seriously, not complained about while laughing. And in AH's case, we very likely wouldn't see it

  • Azra Rillian
    Azra Rillian 23 days ago

    For some reason, the video won’t load for me, even though the other videos in the series are fine

  • Ryan Wesemann
    Ryan Wesemann 1 months ago

    Gavin: How do this do?
    Me: XDDDDD

  • peytonbrown2000
    peytonbrown2000 2 months ago

    I was so happy when Jeremy said I don’t mean the liberal fucks 😂

  • Lumari Espinoza
    Lumari Espinoza 2 months ago


  • Ryan Twomey
    Ryan Twomey 2 months ago

    watching this i was thinking didn't jeremy the first thing he did with magic make a wand that made water source blocks making this entire process alot easier?

  • Beyond Gaming
    Beyond Gaming 3 months ago

    Gavin should have put mini Tower of Pimps on his fishing area

  • Christian Bennett
    Christian Bennett 3 months ago


  • crystal115599
    crystal115599 3 months ago

    count how many times they all say "fish" in this episode.

  • Christian Faux
    Christian Faux 4 months ago

    13:50 ahhh we're going to have to rename him Clever Geoff!

  • Grace J.
    Grace J. 5 months ago

    15:42 aka I love geoff

  • Beatle0/ Jadgaming
    Beatle0/ Jadgaming 5 months ago

    If Gavin puts something down and Jack doesn't know what it is run away

  • Beatle0/ Jadgaming
    Beatle0/ Jadgaming 5 months ago

    Except gav

  • Beatle0/ Jadgaming
    Beatle0/ Jadgaming 5 months ago

    Jack the mix of them all

  • Llew Gibson
    Llew Gibson 5 months ago

    I found your video mate, absolutely love the content. Liked straight away, We should connect!

  • TrickCyber
    TrickCyber 5 months ago

    Without Ryan, they'd still be making dirt in barrels

  • Gmail .User
    Gmail .User 6 months ago

    1:03:00 Herobrine
    1:03:20 Herobrine transforms into a chicken.