• Published on:  10/8/2018
  • It's the Homecoming dance - whether it's dancing with the opposite sex for the first time, someone spiking the punch bowl, or more, this is Every Homecoming Ever!CASTNoah GrossmanIan HecoxKimmy JimenezKeith Leak Jr. Courtney MillerOlivia SuiShayne ToppCREWDirected & Produced by Ryan ToddWritten by Monica Vasandani, & Ryan FinnertySmosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony PadillaSmosh Creative Director: Luke BaratsDirector of Photography: Mitch AndersonEditor: Nick AgichProducer: Kristina NikolicProduction Manager: Jon-Michael BurgessFirst Assistant Director: Tanner RisnerProduction Designer: Tayler NicholsonArt Assistant: Jake SperlingCamera: Brennan IketaniGaffer: Trent TurnerSound Mixer: Greg JonesScript Supervisor: Talia BrahmsMakeup Artist: Rachel JenkinsCostume Supervisor: Lindsay HamiltonAssistant Editor: Matthew DuranPost-Production Supervisor: Reed BriceSenior Design: Ness CardanoSenior Design: Ness Cardano


  • 50ShadesOfBro 8 months ago

    They forgot the circles that are just guys not dancing

  • biggreenleaf 11 days ago

    And wondering why they aren't drunk yet

  • Anna I. 1 months ago

    Me and my friends just sneak to the bathroom 😂

  • Capissotor 8 months ago

    " There's no money on YouTube "That's why patreon exists

  • Jonathan Lumbreras 11 days ago

    Capissotor it’s cool to break the fourth wall

  • Vurmonica 8 months ago

    Do an Every 'Every Ever' Ever

  • weepingcouchpotato 2 months ago

    Every 'every every ever' ever on the 25th anniversary

  • K P3 5 months ago


  • Eddelie Coronado 8 months ago

    My school has a poster that says, *”Kiki are you reading, are you writing, are you full of knowledge? Cause I need ya and I want ya to go to College!”* LMAO 😂

  • Quackles The Gamer 6 days ago

    Eddelie Coronado same I have the same poster in my school library

  • CaNnEd BrEaD 27 days ago

    I have that exact same one at my local library.

  • My high school's homecoming was just a grindfest and the administrators just tried to ignore it.

  • Andres Coria 1 months ago

    @Sarah Teashel your panties went down

  • Thuc An Bui 1 months ago

    bahaha i love ur name

  • [STW] YANG 8 months ago


  • Alma Brown 5 months ago

    Pastor Alfuka

  • “I respect b*tches”Ian 2018

  • Reggy Henda 6 months ago

    "there's no money on youtube! trust me!" -shayne 2018

  • Theitoboy O 1 months ago

    Reggy Henda you are wrong

  • Tsetsi 8 months ago

    damn he knows how to freak dance!

  • KingStrqfe ツ 8 months ago

    I'm serious, but this happend. A teacher literally did this, P.E do you love me? Are you playing ................................ It was the cringiest moment of my life.

  • Jonathan Lumbreras 11 days ago

    KingStrqfe ツ oh yeah yeah yeah

  • bag o' purritoes 8 months ago

    *hormones has joined the chat*

  • tommy galloway 5 months ago

    bag o' purritoes iijjjjk

  • headass 7 months ago

    •ONIA• 😂