Banksy artwork self-destructs after selling at auction for £1m

  • Published on:  10/6/2018
  • Girl With Balloon, a well-known Banksy artwork, is the final item in an auction at Sotheby’s in London. Shortly after selling for £1.04m, the canvas passes through a shredder installed in the bottom of the frame
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  • gendalfff
    gendalfff 3 days ago

    did the mechanism fail?

  • mattie carter
    mattie carter 6 days ago

    Truly an artistic statement
    👏👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo

  • Boxkicker34
    Boxkicker34 6 days ago

    Did anyone ever consider there is a second print inside the frame that dropped down through the shredder and the other print simply rolled up at the bottom.

  • Lin Vega
    Lin Vega 6 days ago

    yall ever been to a museum? the display is part of the art, performance is part of the art, the entire thing is part of the art

  • Gabriel Galang
    Gabriel Galang 6 days ago

    Wait I don't get it!! When did it self destruct??

  • Nick
    Nick 6 days ago

    A prank is a prank no matter how many people helped coordinate it.

  • Nick
    Nick 6 days ago

    People are so mad. Im not sure what they are trying to prove. Like call it fake or set up. I mean what all pranks are set up. And what is a fake prank anyways. Unless everyone in the auction knew that was going to happen but judging from the reaction. Im guessing very few knew it was going to shred.

  • PlanetJigobotTV
    PlanetJigobotTV 6 days ago

    Actually Banksy should be liable for damages.... If I sell you a car I can't destroy it after you pay for it...

  • enrique Santana
    enrique Santana 6 days ago

    Am I the only one that wanted to rip off the hanging pieces of paper 🤔

  • Wuz Wutz
    Wuz Wutz 6 days ago+1

    part 2

  • Cerridwen Dragon
    Cerridwen Dragon 6 days ago

    I love how the video doesn't actually SHOW the picture being shredded
    You'd think Banksy would have hired someone to covertly make sure the whole thing was filmed -_-

  • The Forgotten Place

    Banksy's a savage and hit vanity right where it hurts


    Please return in full condition for a refund or store credit.

  • Thatguyinthathat. s

    What gains more value than gold, diamonds, even stocks... etc. Art.... People who are buying these pieces are doing it as investments. Folks mocking the buyers... need to understand that whoever bought this will double or triple his money in a few years and laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Adrian Chihuahua
    Adrian Chihuahua 6 days ago

    Good thats what they tryn to make money off someone else's 🖼

  • Artistic Endeavors
    Artistic Endeavors 6 days ago

    What a rip-off!

  • Great value bleach
    Great value bleach 6 days ago

    Auctionier: and its sold!!!
    Painter killed painting
    *Painter has been banned from the server for life*

  • Giratina
    Giratina 7 days ago

    Guess that painting didn’t like who bought it

  • chocolatecigar1
    chocolatecigar1 7 days ago

    Excuse me, what's your return policy?

  • supreme vaton gucci head band

    Freind: you will never troll rich pepole
    Me: hold my beer