• Published on:  12/12/2017
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  • scott jamieson
    scott jamieson 11 days ago

    How can a big MB dealer like that not have the correct tire?

  • 1FPS Animations
    1FPS Animations 19 days ago

    wAIT ...... WAIT.... YE IZ STUK

  • Chava Fajardo
    Chava Fajardo 1 months ago

    quattro for the win!

  • Tnaesh Stones
    Tnaesh Stones 1 months ago

    You should name the mercedes cayla.

  • Pokémon Plaza
    Pokémon Plaza 2 months ago

    Name it leo

  • Chris Webb
    Chris Webb 2 months ago

    Grey Ghost.

  • Razor Lorenzo
    Razor Lorenzo 3 months ago

    You should name it after your girlfriend

  • Dingus Extra Guacamole


  • Jack Rizza
    Jack Rizza 4 months ago

    12:00 We do that in new england. I think it's a snow driving thing.

  • Wubba lubba dub dub
    Wubba lubba dub dub 5 months ago

    Call it Tripod, now that you wrecked one tire.

  • Victor Nag
    Victor Nag 6 months ago+1


  • Victor Nag
    Victor Nag 6 months ago+1

    ALISSA!!!!!!! Call ur car Alissa!!!! Pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OELEU 6 months ago

    In Germany, Mercedes names its wahon models „T-Modell“ l, which of course means „T-model“. The T stands for „Transport & Touristik“. I‘m sure you‘ll guess what that means :-)

  • John Snape
    John Snape 7 months ago

    Should have put all winters on it and ship the summer tyres back.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 months ago

    You have to watch out driving with summer tires in winter in Germany. In case of an accident with another vehicle you will be in the wrong for not having winter tyres......

  • Kevin Craig
    Kevin Craig 7 months ago

    For all your troubles, you should name her Bad Luck Betty

  • Johannes Nössing
    Johannes Nössing 8 months ago

    OMG! It´s illegal to use different tires on the same car, and it´s also absolutely illegal to use summer tires in winter during snowy conditions!!!

  • Joe G
    Joe G 8 months ago

    Great tour and video!! Awesome car

  • King of games Yt
    King of games Yt 8 months ago

    You sould name it brien or goreg

  • Mythman
    Mythman 8 months ago

    And i Denmark these cars would be hell more expensive, these cars are CHEAP! :/ 7:53