Sh*tcar V2 Gets a Facelift, Weight Reduction, And Reviewed by HHIC

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • Our beloved Sh*tcar gets some much-needed cosmetic work to the front end - while Bad Daddy Braddy tries to scrub some weight off the car by taking pretty much everything out of the interior. Maybe even some stuff we still need. SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOWYT Subscribe: on notifications so you don’t miss out, noob. TO OUR BONUS CHANNEL// Our Crew:@brianscotto@vin_tra@hertlife@dangerdan3@mister_zachary@hngn.kikawa@jchase7452@joey_baggadonuts@teaguefleury@baker_ashley@nelsonflores__@nadsynads@kyletstuart24@larry_chen_foto@roncarStay fresh with the latest apparel: produced by Chuki Music used: #374


  • Hoonigan 9 months ago

    Did you guys really think we weren’t going to Hert-Proof the rear end?

  • driftkids13 8 months ago

    The only thing HertProof is Cletus’s Leroy.

  • RubyEJ1 8 months ago

    I say soon as he rips it bash bar is going to be bent to hell 😂😂

  • BlowinSmokeOfficial 9 months ago

    Brad dismantling the dashboard was probably the highlight of my day 😂😂😂😂😂💥💥

  • J5NC4RT3R 8 months ago

    BlowinSmokeOfficial some of us may have gone back to see it...😏

  • Clones2011 9 months ago

    Yeah that was awesome 😂

  • Joe Alex 9 months ago

    DangerDan is a master builder, but NOTHING is Hert-Proof XD

  • Dolan Ellis 9 months ago

    That last switch better be an active aero lip.

  • MRROB 9 months ago


  • MaritimeBear 9 months ago

    they should put everything iconic from each build breakdown on shitcar

  • Robin Banks 9 months ago

    You guys have the sub $500 car market on lock.

  • Jeff Jaworski 9 months ago

    Best reply to Hoonigan EVER!!!

  • AsprTX 9 months ago

    When Dan's away brad is banned from working inside.

  • tr0n 9 months ago

    He requires a little supervision.

  • glenn leffe 9 months ago

    Probably build biology episode was being filmed... no1 can be in the shop than.

  • Chris Gallagher 9 months ago

    Is LA the hub for 300 dollar bmws? What the hell

  • Slow ass Impreza 9 months ago

    Chris Gallagher bro I got a 1998 e36 328is for $600. It has no body rust or underbody rust. Has a huge hole in the hood and the rear left trailing arm is bent and it runs on 5 cylinder right now.

  • Tapper21 9 months ago

    Euro trash loses almost all of its value in the first year, the sheep that buy them trade them in every year for a new one because it's already breaking down and needs 6 of everything. Hence they are absolutely worthless. Mercedes literally has the worst resale value of any manufacturer, BMW is very close behind

  • Jackson Murphy 9 months ago

    So stoked to see what you guys did!

  • KT Media 9 months ago

    I love every single bit of this!!! This is why I subscribed!!!

  • Audio Addictions 9 months ago

    Watching while at work... doesn't matter what time you guys upload. Great content!!