Watch out, Mario! - Cyanide & Happiness - Drawing a Blank Ep. 05

  • Published on:  12/18/2018
  • Join us on Twitch every Friday at 5pm Central Drawing A Blank the creators and writers of Cyanide & Happiness create new comics live, on the spot by taking suggestions from our Patreon Patrons and Twitch Subscribers.Join us to get behind the scenes video and bonus content ► to Explosm! ► and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!#Mario#comedy#improv


  • Van
    Van 8 months ago+44

    You guys are Great ! Keep Up the good work !

  • Darkened Light
    Darkened Light 8 months ago+24

    "Comic Warnins 5!" featuring:
    Kiss Warnins: 0:00 - 4:38
    Butt Warnins: 5:11 - 20:20
    Dallas Warnins: 22:50 - 54:08
    Mushroom Kingdom Warnins #32: 55:55 - 1:17:50

  • TheOfficialCzex
    TheOfficialCzex 8 months ago+10

    The artists of Cyanide & Happiness spend one hour drawing furry porn.

  • necro mantis
    necro mantis 8 months ago+23

    I can barely draw stick figure with a pencil but somehow you guys can draw art using a f***ing Mouse. Why why..

  • N o
    N o 8 months ago+5

    How can this be posted 43 minutes ago of it's an hour and 18 minutes long?

  • Deacon Ho
    Deacon Ho 8 months ago+9

    Love this comment. I spent 9 dollars and 19 dollars on your book "Cynaide and happiness depressing book" and the shipping cost respectively.
    Proof: @t

  • pixel gaming
    pixel gaming 8 months ago+2

    .family friendly draw, youtube likes this:3

  • Ben Defusco
    Ben Defusco 8 months ago+27

    God damn people stop complaining that "they arn't funny anymore" it's overdone

  • Youfail Mon
    Youfail Mon 8 months ago+3

    god has entered the chat

    NTH THN 8 months ago+1

    You should slow the video down to 0,5x speed so we can watch at 2x speed. More watch time & more ads!

    VIICE 8 months ago+1

    Why do always end up watching these at 2am in the morning lmao

  • damon harris-Brennan
    damon harris-Brennan 8 months ago

    The UFO should've been called

  • Aidan Lol
    Aidan Lol 8 months ago

    Man, I love underground COMIX.

  • weiskircher3
    weiskircher3 7 months ago+1

    This is the best show ever! You guys are awesome :)

  • Rai Warcup
    Rai Warcup 8 months ago

    30 views but 47 likes

  • Rachel Cruz
    Rachel Cruz 1 months ago+1

    Does anyone ever watch the whole video

  • Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs

    I randomly clicked at 1:12:03 and every image confused me

  • The Yellow Goblin _
    The Yellow Goblin _ 8 months ago+1

    Finally, another episode!

  • Alexia Tarabotti
    Alexia Tarabotti 8 months ago+1

    The logo for this show should include a bullet ‘blank’

  • MartinS2785
    MartinS2785 2 months ago

    I especially love the saying about the immovable force meeting the unstoppable wall.