This is the Most Dangerous Attraction in the World!

  • Published on:  4/20/2021
  • This is the Most Dangerous Attraction in the World!

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    This is the Most Dangerous Attraction in the World! top 10
    Most of us probably prefer taking vacations to exotic scenic places that don’t come with the threat of death attached to the fine print. You know somewhere like Hawaii, I imagine! But some of us, the risk-takers, the adrenaline junkies, like their vacations with a twist. A dangerous one at that. For this last group, we have just the perfect lists of destinations and attractions that are guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing. A quick disclaimer though, these places have claimed several lives, landing them on quite some ominous list such as this one. At this point though, I’m not sure if that is even reason enough to dissuade you. We give you a list of the top 10 most dangerous attractions in the world!
    10. Diamond Bay Reserve — Vaucluse, Australia
    The perilous cliffs and staircases at Diamond Bay Reserve are a preferred selfie spot, but the steep drop is deadly.
    Two tourists have even succumbed to the cliff’s height, while sightseeing. A 27-year-old woman lost her life in August after she fell while attempting to require a selfie. Five months later, another woman was found with the same fate after falling from the sting. The girl has yet to be formally identified, but friends and family named her as 21-year-old British model Madalyn Davis.
    Having been popularized by Instagram influencers, the site has attracted busloads of visitors looking to capture perfect snaps of themselves on the dramatic cliffs. However, the locals and rescue services are concerned about the tourists putting themselves in danger just to get that “money shot.”
    9. Mount Everest — Death zone
    The snow and ice on the mountain create deadly hazards like avalanches. As a result of the bad weather conditions, there only exists a limited climbing season. However, perhaps the most danger is posed by the altitude. Most of the climbers aren’t familiar with the high altitude and low oxygen levels, hence they rely on bottled oxygen they bring along.
    The world's highest mountain isn't an easy climb. Mount Everest's "death zone" above 26,000 feet is especially dangerous for its low levels of oxygen and low gas pressure. Hypoxia is often deadly, but the foremost common causes of death on the mountain are avalanches and falls.
    Over 300 people have lost their lives while climbing Mt. Everest. In May, overcrowding on the mountain resulted in the deaths of a minimum of 11 people in one week.
    8. Precipice Trail — Acadia park, Maine
    Located on the east face of Champlain Mountain, this walk is believed to be the most dangerous hike of Acadia. It may not be a technical climb, but the exposed cliffs and steep vertical drops result in it being extremely perilous.
    The Park Service reported that approximately 160 people perish in national parks once a year. This suggests the parks are generally very safe - statistically, that's 0.57 deaths per 1 million visits - but accidents can and do happen on treacherous trails and steep cliffs.
    Precipice Trail found in Maine's Acadia park is one of such unfortunate hikes. This treacherous mountain consists of climbing steps on the face of steep cliffs. A lady fell to her demise while climbing in 2012, and remains the main casualty of the trail since 1985.